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  • Heavy light weigh tool

    I brought home a new 6"x48" Belt 9" disk sander last night a Grizzly G1014Z. I looked at the Delta 31-695 6"x48" Belt 9" disk sander at $300 it was very light weight with a ribbed aluminum table & lots of plastic & no dust collection. The Grizzly at $200 has DC & the only plastic is the lower DC connection port & the knobs, this tool weighs in at a little over 100 lbs.

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    Nice sander!
    Grizzly has a nice sale going on right now with 1/2 price shipping for the holidays.
    I've been looking at the Grizzly machines lately myself (with thoughts of emmediate color change).
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      I bought the Delta belt/disc sander this summer and have been very happy with it. However, IMHO, Grizzly makes good equipment for the money. In my case, when I factored in the shipping from Grizzly it was almost even money.


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        Well all I know is at 2 stores less that 5 minutes apart in comparing the G1014Z to the Delta 31-695 6"x48" & 9" disk sander didn't have dust collection ports or any heavy cast iron.

        It was basically the same as their 4"x36" & 6" disk sander just bigger. I had a friend with me that isn't into tools & when he looked at the Delta 31-695 compared to the G1014Z I had just purchased he said why would anyone want the Delta it just looks like a cheaply made tool all the way around? This was from a tool novice.

        I hope I have not stepped on anyones toes that has the Delta model. If I had both of these tools side by side with no prices marked on them I would have thought the the Grizzly would sell at somewhere between $300 & $400 & the Delta at $150 to $200. If this is the same model of Delta that you purchased the cost was about the same considering shipping but what you received wasn't even close.
        Sorry I hope I didn't step on your toes, but I gotta call them as I see them.

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