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  • MS-UV

    When will this little number be on the shelves? It looks like a great addition to my workshop Although bit high on the price.

    I bought a kick *** MS1250 about 2 years ago and just about a month after that they started bundling the stand with it for the same price. This is a bummer since the stand is going for approx 69.00 at the local HD. How about a special price for those how may have purshaced one
    prior to the special.

    I have since bought a wet dry vac, TS 2424, and a flip top. All I can say is that these products have proved to be of high quality and very relaible.

    Home Depot (4+ in area) are starting to spurce up the RIDGID displays. Employes in the tool corral tend to be un-familiar with the products, but I did meet one local RIDGID rep that was over-the top helpful but I do not think he works out of this store all of the time.

    New PRODUCTS??
    Also is there a chance that the herc - u -lift would be bundled with the universal leg stand.
    How about a benchtop dual spindle grinder?

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    From what I can tell, it may be a while before we see this item in the store. After visiting four H.D.'s in my area, none of them had it on display. I got the part number from this web site and called the closest store to see if they had any on order. The man, who identified himself as the tool department assistant manager, said he'd never heard of it. In addition, he said that he just received a new accessory order form from Ridgid, and that the part number, AC9940, wasn't on it.

    Don't dispair Ridgid! I ordered one online, sight unseen, after the good review it received in Workbench magazine. Now, if I could only order all of your tools this way (without going through Home Depot), I'd be a very happy camper.


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      The AC9940 miter saw stand is shipping now, though it will take a bit to reach all stores. You can also purchase this unit online at