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Let's discuss marking devices aka pencils etc.

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  • Let's discuss marking devices aka pencils etc.

    I have flat mechanical pencils, chalk, soapstone, crayon, sharpie markers, large round mechanical pencils, correction fluid pen, and probably other marking tools in the pencil drawer.

    I really like the flat mechanical pencil compared to the flat type you sharpen.

    I often use chalk to make temporary marks [various colors] as it cleans up nicely.

    I use soapstone on metal work as well as chalk and crayon. Crayon can be messy if too close to a weld point.

    On PVC work I tend to use the sharpie type pens

    A trick I learned is to use a correction fluid pen to make semi permanent marks on odd materials. for example I use this stuff to label my myriad of power tool wrenches. Often I use this to also mark steel as it is easier to see through a welding helmet.

    Now I understand the merits of the flat carpenter pencil, but I also have large round soft lead mechanical pencils that also mark very well.

    I often use the painters blue tape for making scribe lines easier to see. The tape also reduces tear out and chipping during a cut.

    Any other clever marking devices or tricks out there?

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Let's discuss marking devices aka pencils etc.

    Good list, and good trick with the "white out". The only thing I would add is an automatic punch. I'm sure it would be useful anytime you have to drill metal or wood, but I use it only for this application myself; I have a template that sits against the door edge, or on top of the drawer face and mark the spot with the punch. I can't remember if this is the correct name for this tool but it is a sharp punch that is spring loaded so when depressed it *pops* and indents the work. Aside from being visible on many different finishes it also gives me a good indentation for starting my drill bit.

    One thing is it makes a permanent mark, so measure twice if it is a finished surface. The hardware being the last thing I do at the end of a job, often at the end of a long day, I have to be extra vigilant not to pop a mark in the wrong place...I've almost done it a few times...
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      Re: Let's discuss marking devices aka pencils etc.

      Awl, Razor Blade, Knife and seriously sometimes if the wood is soft enough my finger nail. Soapstone for sure when marking metal, and the spring punch gets used a lot too, "pop" there's your starting point works great. Mechanical pencil gets the most usage in the work shop.
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