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    I have owned a TS24120 for about 3yrs and would like to add a right extention table. Are longer rails available from Ridgid that would provide for 50" to the right of the blade? If not, does anyone have experience with adding a right extention table to Ridgid table saws while maintaining the original rail and fence set up? I would prefer to modify the existing Ridigid fence and rail system rather than replacing it with something like a Beisemeyer.
    Any information that you can provide related to right extention tables for the Ridgid table saw is appreciated.

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    I shifted my rails over to the right and have a 42" cut to the right and 6" cut to the left of the blade. I added a laminated table to the right and plan to insert a router table in the future. I will try to take pictures and attach them. I have owned a Biesmeyer fence and although it is a great fence I like this one just as much. It glides much easier across the saw and I find the beef that some people have about having to push the fence forward before locking, to be a non-issue. I used to have a woodworking business and found that I hardly ever needed a fence adjustment more than 42" and now I have a small garage shop every inch of space counts, so I never considered a 48"+ fence.


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      If you are interested I have added information about how to make this modification to my web site web page Take a look, it might help

      -Rob<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> <br />Damn, I hit the wrong nail again. Ouch that hurts


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        Thank you for your help. I would appreciate the pic's if you are able. I agree with you about the fence operation on the Ridgid...I am consistently able to get the fence right on the money by simply following the instructions...amazing how it works that way.

        Thanks again for your response


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          Thanks for the reply. Your website is awesome!!! The photos were a help.

          Thanks again!