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Central Machinery jointer? Versus?

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  • Central Machinery jointer? Versus?

    I just purchased the tp 1300. Now i need to get a jointer. Was looking into the Central Machinery 6&7 rabbeting jointer with 1hp moter. They have them on sale for under 200.00 right now and free shipping! Are these machines any good? Went to price out a Ridgid at HD with the store search in my area,and they only carry the planer. If any one has some feedback on them id appreciate it. gunny

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    We have a HF nearby and I occasionally go in for a look. One thing about Central Machinery, is that they don't put a lot of time into milling cast iron tables---this shouldn't hurt too bad in a drill press or band saw, but precission is a must in a jointer---beds must be flat and cutter head/bearings,etc. need to be accurate. I wouldn't want to take the chance.


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      Gunny: don't waste your money. Most of the castings used on the Central stuff is real coarse iron, not machined well at all. In a pinch, maybe, but I would'nt depend on it. As the above post says, the jointer by it's nature needs to be one of the more precision tools, otherwise you kind of defeat it's purpose. If your saw was set up correctly, and you have a GOOD blade (forrest, freud, cmt, etc), you might not need a jointer. Dawg [img]smile.gif[/img]
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        Every Central Machinery jointer I looked at had a fence only suppoerted on the end and was not solid at all. Any pressure against it caused it to flex.

        I am trying to decide between the Ridgid or the Grizzly G1182HW.
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