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  • A decent Ridgid Display

    A stopped in a HD I have never been in before here in town and walked into the tool bin. I wanted to see if they might have the zero clearance insert for my TS before ordering online. I didn't really pay much attention until standing in the tool section looking at the sea of Ryobi tools. Looked high and low, only ridgid tools in sight are the miter saw and another table top tool that skips my mind.
    THis is weird!
    Finally give up and leave the tool crib and what to my disbelief do I see? An entire Ridgid display set up right next to the checkouts! All the tools on little raised platforms with black and white checkerboard patterns. So many, some didn't fit on the display! The 3612! The Dp1550! The TP1300 on a stand! Every current model without one Ryobi thrown on top! Catalogs! Assessory pamphlets!
    The fence on the 3612 was even rock solid, although the stand was so loose I thought it was gonna collapse! Outside of 1/16" of grime on everything it was amazing! In the 5 minutes I stood there gawking at everything, two other guys wandered in and played with the tools! HD might actually sell some Ridgid tools! Lol!

    I didn't get the insert there, although I had the one from the 3612 in my hand. Yes, the owners manual and assessory bag was sitting right on top of the saw.

    I have to get back to the HD where I bought my Ridgids. I gotta see if its changed from the disaster when I last was in there, about 8-9 months ago.
    \"Is it Friday yet?\"

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    Are you sure you weren't dreaming?


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      I've been in several HD's over the last month and have also noticed that HD has cleaned up their act where displays and viewable stock is concerned. I saw the Tool Associate actually checking out the RAS. Said he was starting a kitchen remodel in a few weeks. So I was nice and took time and showed him how it worked. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

      On the TS2424 display...
      I did approach the manager with 20 Hamiltons, and he quickly said NO WAY. He said he would take 550.00. I Said I bet you would and walked away. Sooner or later they will give in. That is if someone doesn't thing 575.00 is a deal on that disaster of a display TS2424. btw, a stack of $10's looks like more than it really is when viewing, that's why I picked the Hamiltons to incourage my offer.
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