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3650 rust on the table top

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  • 3650 rust on the table top

    Hey, everyone -

    I made a similar post to this on WoodNet earlier, but I wanted feedback specific to 3650 owners.

    Last week I purchased my new 3650. I cleaned the cast iron table top with mineral spirits and then I applied two coats of Johnson's paste wax. It was slick and beautiful. This morning (less than a week later) I walked out to the garage to check on my new "baby". On the table top was a couple small areas of a slight brown tinge. I rubbed my finger on it and it was rust (or the start of it). I was heartbroken...

    Some more info: It has been really damp here lately. It rained hard all night and my saw is in the garage.

    Here are my questions:

    1) Why did rust form so fast??? I put on two coats of Johnson's, so did I do something wrong?

    2) What is the best way to clean off the start of rust spots?

    3) What would help prevent this? I was thinking of covering the saw with an old bedsheet. Will that help?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!


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    Re: 3650 rust on the table top

    I've had a rust problem on my saw also - along with just about everything else in my detached garage. I think its the change in temp along with the high humidity. Your saw top stays cold longer and condensation forms on the top. Fingerprints, wet wood etc. can cause it too. Covering it is a good idea. I now have so many marks scratches etc, I don't worry. It's developed a nice "patina" I just clean it up with some steel wool or scotch pad and light oil every week or so.


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      Re: 3650 rust on the table top

      I tend to follow the philosophy that covering it is not such a good idea. I would think it would help trap in the moisture, unless it was with something fairly breathable. If you do a search on the forum this has come up quite a bit and several others mention other products they use to help prevent the rust along with using the paste wax.

      I'm sure some other members will post here with better info.
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        Re: 3650 rust on the table top

        i usually use the following:
        1) a bit of wd40 sprayed on (letting it sit for a few).
        2) then use a sander w/ a scotchbrite pad to clean it all up.
        3) Next, wipe off the excess... repeat steps 1 - 3 if needed.
        4) apply paste wax and buff off

        smooth, clean top.



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          Re: 3650 rust on the table top

          Cover it up. A cloth or piece of plastic will not trap any significant humidity underneath it to cause rust. The larger amount of water in the air it will keep from falling on the table is what will keep it from rusting. Wax alone won't keep it from rusting either. You should consider a protective coating like Boeshield.

          My jointer sleeps outdoors right in front of the ocean and I go 1 or 2 months before cleaning it up and never get any rust. I clean it up with WD40 and steel wool until its clean and brite, then wipe it very dry and apply a coat of Boaeshield T-9 on it. I usually never wax. Once I'm done using it I throw a plastic cover over it and and thats that. I've spent a lifetime living in front of the ocean and working around keeping things from rusting and the simple rule is, if its not covered up, its rusting.


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            Re: 3650 rust on the table top

            I was having the same problem and was covering it with an old "inflatable mattress" that leaked badly, but thought it would be a good cover. Switched to an old quilted bed cover and have not had any problems. I think a "breathable" cover makes a difference in this area (eastern NC). My saw is in my "non-climate-controlled garage" and we have quite a bit of high humidity, altho not as bad as it is in Florida.

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              Re: 3650 rust on the table top

              I've found a good paper covering, similar to the stuff that the TS3650 comes shipped with. It's called ARMOR WRAP® 30R, it's used by the automotive industry when they're machining cast iron to prevent rust. The company is called Armor Wrap VCI and I think it's available in the U.S.(Canada for sure has it).


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                Re: 3650 rust on the table top

                I use a rubbing coumpound to remove the rust, then wax, then cover it up with a plastic tarp. No significant rust to speak of.