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    JOE M

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    I can not offer any information on the new line of tools concerning the Ridgid RAS. Perhaps one of the Moderators will jump in to clarify this.

    The nearest HD near me as of 9 days ago has 2 in stock of the Grey color, at reduced price. I have one, and it is a very nice saw. I use it for nearly all of my cross cutting.

    It would be possable to obtain one of these if it is your last resort and ship it to you.
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      I'm new to woodworking and all, but here's my 2 cents.

      I just bought a Ridgid radial arm saw, the RS1000 at the Home Depot in Gainesville, FL last month. There were three of them in stock when I bought mine. Other two were gone in less than a week, but it was only a week or two until Christmas.

      I chose the Ridgid over the Craftsman because the Craftsman has a one year warranty, the Ridgid a lifetime warranty. And that is not the promotional lifetime service warranty they are slapping on until Jan 31 to gain market share, it is a real, printed-on-the-back-of-the-manual honest-to-goodness lifetime warranty against defects. Further, I did not want to have to deal with Sears service anymore. Also, I thought the "LaserTrak" thing on the Craftsman was marketing driven, and not necessary. Didn't like the "control cut" thing either, I don't like the saw telling me how to do things. The Craftsman is built in Taiwan, the Ridgid RS1000 in the US. Liked the Ridgid manual better too. Both are available for download. Didn't know about the Delta when I was shopping.

      Although Ridgid customer service (now provided by One World Technologies/Ryobi) is taking a lot of flak right now, and they deserve it, I like my saw. It is among the last of the US built, real Emerson/Ridgid power tools out there.

      My guess is that they may not be making the RS1000 anymore, or transferring production to Taiwan. Only a guess, though.

      I like my Ridgid RS1000, and think it would be worth your time to see if your local Home Depot manager can find one in stock at a HD near you. Good luck though, customer service is not really a hallmark of HD. In fact, when I bought mine they could not even find the ones in stock in their own store! No kidding, some guy asked if I lived far from there and said I should come back at some other time. Imagine telling a customer ready to drop $550 that you have something in stock but can't find it and asking him to come back later! I wound up finding the saw myself, right next to all the other large Ridgid power tools in boxes, right next to the big Ridgid vacuum display. Kind of hard to miss a box the size of a refrigerator.

      If you can't find a new one, download the manual at the Ridgid website, so you will know what it looks like. Look under "Support" then "manuals." Then search on Ebay for "radial arm saw" and find a 10" Sears Craftsman Contractor Series that looks exactly (except for different colors/paint scheme) like the Ridgid. Find a nice one in your area, and buy it. It is really a Ridgid, made for Sears/Craftsman by Emerson Electric.

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        HD is dropping the Radial due to slow sales. They were not very good at selling it. It is a great home owner saw and I'm sure Ridgid will back it with parts so it's a good time to pick one up. If you have a large shop and own a table saw you might think of a slide miter. It's in the same price range and has 13 1/2" cross cut against the radial's 15 1/2" Easy to change to make miter and bevel cuts and returns to zero better. Just a thought.


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          That's not very encouraging to Ridgid owners. Why do you think that they will continue to carry parts. People are already having troubles finding things like Risers for their bandsaws. If what you type is true, my question would be what happens if they don't sell enough TS3650 b/c all their staff are numnuts and they can't run lifetime warranty indefinitely. Will be too costly. Ther'es a reason Emerson got out of the tool business with Home Depot. Same reason RYOBI is allegedly dropping lines. I would NOT run out and buy products based on this news. I know of tool companies that change their design 3 years after new tool and don't have parts available to service machine. This is exact reason why many of us buy Delta / Jet / Powermatic / etc.



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            I'm confident that if you raise enough stink Ridgid will either supply you with the needed parts, or make it right with you in other ways. I am hoping with hands together, kneeling, looking to the Gods, that parts will always be available for my RAS. It IS a vital part of my shop and it's operation. It's a very fine machine IMO, and I hate to think of the extensive researce I would have to do to find it's equal.
            John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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              Didn't Emerson build the Craftsman RAS for a very long time? There may be certain models of Craftsman RASs whose parts are interchangable with the Ridgid.

              For example, on the box that the (now discontinued) Craftsman RAS dust collection kit comes in, there is a picture of a Craftsman 10" Contractor series RAS that is identical to the Ridgid RS1000. I just went and looked at the box and held it up next to my RAS, and everything, I mean everything was exactly the same. Right down to location of unused holes in legs/base, shape of radial arm casting, shape, type and placement of controls, bolts used, etc. Only paint scheme/color was different. Even the instructions for the dust kit don't say "Craftsman" anywhere. They do bear a copyright and logo from Emerson Electric though.

              I've seen many of these saws on ebay too, and they all look exactly like the Ridgid too.

              So maybe Sears could be a source of parts.


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                Here's a link to a list of vendors(manufacturers) of Sears/Craftsman branded mechandise.


                Sears model numbers beginning with the following 3 or 4 digit codes were made by Emerson.

                113 EMERSON ELECTRIC
                256 EMERSON ELECTRIC
                264 EMERSON ELECTRIC
                7287 EMERSON ELECTRIC
                7296 EMERSON ELECTRIC
                757 EMERSON ELECTRIC
                758 EMERSON ELECTRIC


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                  Emerson made my 1990 Cabinet makers series 10" digital craftsman. I can scan the parts section of the manual if it would help anyone.


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                    For those with the craftsman saws I asume we all know about the Blade guard recall??


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                      Very good info! very usfull post. We all need to think safety! I know Kelly of Hanna Woodworks has at least one of these old saws. I will Email him the link.

                      Thanks so very much!
                      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        I was in the local HD yesterday and saw 2 ridgid RAS sitting side by side. One had the RS1000 tag on it for $549. The other was had a TS3650 tag on it for $597. It's kind of scary when the people in the tool department can't even tell the difference between a TS and a RAS.


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                          Oh the stories I could tell. But one will do.

                          For the heck of it I dropped a stack of business cards on the 3612 at the nearest HD on saturday afternoon. I strolled down the isle and pretended to check out some tools, keeping an eye on the stack of cards. The HD ***. on duty in the hardware/tool section seen the stack. Stopped, looked around, then picked up one and put it in his pocket. I watched for nearly an hour while other customers came by and snatched up a card till they were gone. The HD ***. even brought 3 other HD associates by to snatch up a card.

                          Now the good part. I walked up to the HD assoc. in charge as he was looking at the RAS and started idle conversation. Found out he is remodling his mobile double wide. I mentioned I noticed he picked up a card from the stack. He explained he didn't know squat about tools, but needed something to aid him in doing the remodel job. I commented I had the RAS, and loved it. Several customers came up and stood next to him, obviously looking for help, while he questioned ME about the RAS. Totally ignoring the presence of any other customers.

                          As I departed, I suggested he visit the site address mentioned on the card, since the discussion brought out he was on the net.

                          I often wonder what went through his mind as he stumbled through my site, or even if he relized I was the one and the same.

                          I also wonder if he bought the RAS?

                          I've returned several times to that HD store, and have never seen that person there.

                          I guess the moral of the story is, don't start asking questions about tools to hired help. Start idle conversation. You'll get the person's undivided attention, and find out if they know as much as you before you start asking questions and get fed a line of BS.

                          "Disclaimer" I know several Well Knowledgeable HD employees visit this site. No insult intended on anyone. It's just a true story.
                          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                            Joe M:

                            If you haven't bought a radial arm saw yet, you might be interested to know that I went to Sears today and, among other things, looked at the model number of the only Craftsman RAS. It is a 315.22XXX. The "315" at the beginning of the number means that the manufacturer was Ryobi. As my 19 year-old daughter would say "EEEWWWW, GROSS!" I know not everyone thinks Ryobi is so bad, but I'm certainly glad I bought an Emerson made Ridgid over a Ryobi.


                            For parts info and the like I've been collecting info on Craftsman RASs that look exactly like our Ridgid RS1000 saws. My only phone encounter with the new OWT/Ridgid CS folks convinced me that I'd better learn to take care of that saw myself. And, BTW, it is a great saw. The more I use it the more I like it. But think that unless OWT gets their act together I'd better be able to find parts and repair it myself, if need be. Thus, so far I've found photos of these two model number Craftsman RASs visually identical to the RS1000, except for paint scheme/color. And, of course, the "113" at the beginning of the model numbers means that Emerson Electric made them.

                            113.196421 Contractor's Series 10", 3hp RAS
                            has lower stiffeners between legs, otherwise identical to RS1000

                            113.197750 Craftsman 10" RAS - no lower stiffeners, even more like RS1000

                            Parts info for both is available online from sears

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                              Originally posted by wbrooks:
                              For those with the craftsman saws I asume we all know about the Blade guard recall??
                              Thanks wbrooks for posting this info. I never knew about the recall and was never contacted abou it. Anyway, when I saw your post I went to the web site and ordered the kit. About 7 days later I received the new guard along with a new 1" MDF table top (all three pieces but no fence)and new mounting rails for the top.

                              I installed the new guard and top about a week ago and it works fine. I will admit that it is slightly more inconveinent to use as it blocks ones line of sight a bit but much safer for sure. After looking at the current Ridgid TS the guard assembly looks exactly the same as far as I can tell. So my old tried and true Craftsman® 2.5HP, 10" RAS is now good for another 20 years [img]smile.gif[/img]

                              Thanks again.