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  • Dust Filter System

    Our nearest Home Depot has a dust collection system for sale. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find any information on the Ridgid web site. The price seems reasonable, and will most likely get it for Christmas, but I'd like to look it up if possible. I don't want the portable filter system, I'm looking to hang it up in the corner of the shop. Does anyone know if this is still a product supported? Anyone else whom may have one...your input will be greatly appreciated. I've purchased the 13" planer and the 6" jointer in the past, and I'm looking forward to my next purchase!

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    Filter or collector?

    I have the Ridgid filtration system hanging in my shop, although I must admit I do not turn it on as often as I should (should run it all the time when I am in the shop). It does work well and I recommend it.

    I had the Ridgid dust collector but found it to be a bit weak and have since upgraded to the Delta system.