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Newbie with a MS1065LZ

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  • Newbie with a MS1065LZ

    I just picked up one of the 10" CMS MS1065LZ and after reading all of the horror stories I was worried. The saw was right on when cutting 90's and 45's right out of the box, yes the lazer was and still is off but due to the way it is mounted it will be.

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    Re: Newbie with a MS1065LZ

    The only problem (other than complaints about the laser) I've read about this model is that it won't cut a 45 degree bevel that is square. By that I mean, if you lay a 1 x 4 piece of trim flat on the table, and set the bevel to cut 45 degrees... when you bring the blade down into the wood, the cut will be 45 degrees as it cuts vertically through the wood, but it will not be 90 degrees back edge to front edge.

    I have this same model and my saw will be off about 4 degrees front to back on such a cut. I have yet to see any official statements from a Ridgid employee about this problem and of course I don't know if it is consistant throughout the model run.