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3650 motor noise

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  • 3650 motor noise

    Just got it put together yesterday. Double checked everything before starting it. Motor sounds like metal on metal for about 1-2 seconds before going nice and quiet and smooth running.
    I've used table saws from cheapo $50 ones up to the big production 5 HP monster powermatics at our shop. Some of them make a little more racket at start but not this much. I've checked and checked short of cracking the motor housing open. Like I said, after a second or two it runs with that nice hum that a good saw should.
    Before I worry about it, is it normal for the 3650? I really really don't want to take it back apart and box it up in a few days due to a crapped out motor.

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    Re: 3650 motor noise

    I would say something is not set quite right in the motor. The stator will move ever so slightly once the Field is energized which may move the fan away from the casing. The only other 'moving' part is the centrifugal start circuit. Spin the motor by hand and see if the sound goes away by pulling out on the shaft while spinning if it does then it may be that the fan cover is loose or positioned incorrectly


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      Re: 3650 motor noise

      Thanks for the input. It was way simple. I forgot to tighten the two bolts that keep the motor pins from sliding. In doing so the motor slid forward a bit and the belt loosened, and was hitting the metal "cabinet" until it speed up enough.
      I knew I shouldn't have started puting it together at almost midnight!!