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Grizzly Stack dado set is it good ?

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  • Grizzly Stack dado set is it good ?

    Recieved my grizzly ad last week and trying to deside if its good or not 8" dado set with two 30 tooth blades and 6 chipper blades with 5 teeth each + all the copper shims for $49.95 is this a good deal ?
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    Re: Grizzly Stack dado set is it good ?

    From the outward appearance of the Grizzly set it seems to me to be identical to the Harbor Freight 44566 set. The Harbor Freight set goes on sale quite regularly for $29.99.

    I've had the HF set for a number of years now and, for what it is, have been more than satisfied with the quality of the dados it produces. You might find this thread interesting.

    One thing to keep in mind is that, because of the full plate design of the chippers, both the Grizzly and the HF sets are going to be quite heavy when utilizing more than one chipper. The weight of the set can lead to quite an amp draw at startup. In my case, I have both my 3612 contractor saw and DC hooked up to the same 20amp circuit and I can't run them both at the same time if I'm cutting dados much over a ¼" wide.
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