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13" Ryobi planer ??

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  • 13" Ryobi planer ??

    Hi all, I've done a search but didn't find any comments on a Ryobi 13"planer. Has anyone here used one of these or own one? I would like to know if they are worth considering when buying a planer. A long time ago I had a AP10" planer made by Ryobi and it was a darn good little planer for the bucks. I dont know if Ryobi is still as good as it once was. This was in 1988 that I owned the 10" planer. I know this is a Ridgid forum but we all have owned many different name brand tools and Im just looking for a little help in deciding on a planer. The Ridgid 13" looks good and has a lot of favorable reveiws. Any help with a decision about the Ryobi is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    The reviews I've read rate the Ridgid above the Ryobi, but the Ryobi was mentioned as being ok for hobbyist use. If price is a big factor then it appears to be a viable option, otherwise I'd suggest the Ridgid, Delta TP400, Delta 22-580 or DeWalt 734 in the $300-$350 range.


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      Thanks Hewood, yes, price is a major concern for me. Im retired on a fixed income. I have about 400 bf. of walnut rough hewn and around 300 f of cherry to plane. I was concened about the ryobi being tough enough to handle the work. I bought this lumber some time ago when a cabinet shop was going out of business. Got it for $1.75 a lf. (gloat off).Also some red oak but not very much of it.


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        You might even see if you can find a refurbed Ridgid from Cummins.


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          Ryobi is a great tool for the hobbyist. I would consider it to be top of the line hobbyist equipment if we group tool brands by user type. Hobbyist brands would of course be the Skil, Black and Decker, Ryobi. GMC, etc brands. I have a Ryobi table saw (BT3100) which is kind of a cross between a benchtop and contractor saw. It does very well for what I use it for. It even has it's own website devoted to it by fans of the Ryobi brand name. I also have the planer you are speaking of and I find it does very well. I got it for 199 USD at a tool show as a refurb model about 2 years ago. I have probably run about 300 bf of hardwood through it and it still works very nicely. Ryobi also makes a great impact driver. Good luck. I think you would be happy with a Ryobi planer but you would also be happy with some of the other brands mentioned. I should also mention that a friend has a Makita 13" planer that he swears by.