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Rigid R1050C saw blade

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  • Rigid R1050C saw blade


    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Ridgid 10 X 50 combo blade (R1050C) and if so how were the results.
    Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Rigid R1050C saw blade

    Hi Doug - No first hand experience spinning the R1050. It was rated pretty well by Pop WWing last year. It's important to note that they included price in the overall ratings, which landed it a "best bet" rating. Performance wise it finished behind the perennial premo blades like the WWII, CMT, and Freud F410, but it did perform ahead of the pack. It's made by Freud and has a pretty standard ATB/R combo blade design, so should pose no real surprises, and should do well as a multipurpose thin kerf blade.

    I have tried the 60T Ridgid R1060C and thought it was pretty decent. I compared it directly to the Freud Industrial LU88R010 60T which is a slight step up, and the LU88 did seem to outperform the 1060 a bit, but the Ridgid was plenty good.

    The most frequent reason I tend not to recommend the Ridgid Titanium series is that it doesn't get discounted often and is priced near some other pretty fine blades. The Freud Industrial line does get discounted often thru Amazon (and others), so a comparable blade from the Industrial line is often right around the same price (sometimes less) and is made to slightly higher standards. (The Titanium series appears more on par with the Diablo and Avanti lines.) Ie: The Freud Industrial LU83R010 is a 50T combo blade on sale thru Amazon for $36 shipped after 20% promo code. The Freud LU88R010 is also on sale for $36 shipped. If you've got a gift card or just want to take a blade home with you locally, the R1050C should be very good.

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