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  • TS2424 installation

    I purchased the TS2424 and am still trying to install it. I am at the point where I have to
    align the blade for 90 deg and 45 deg. There are two problems I am having:
    (1) Should the blade be in the center of the red insert. Currently there is a 1/8 in gap
    from the left and a 1/4 in gap on the right. Is there a way to align the blade so that its in
    the center of the insert?
    (2) In trying to adjust the blade tilt for 45 deg and this is the problem:
    The retainer bearing on the tilt handwheel rod is supposed to fit on the frame of the saw.
    However in my case it moves freely and I can pull it out of the saw. It is supposed to fit
    in the frame and it goes in when the blade is set at 90 deg put when the blade is tilted
    it comes off. The pointer does not even make it to the 45 deg mark. It seems to stop
    around 38-40 deg mark on the scale.

    I asked Ridgid and they have sent me another frame (the box where the scale is screwed
    onto). I have to now try to install this.(Complicated??)

    Did anyone have these problems when installing their saw?



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    No the blade does not have to be in the center of the table insert. However it must maintain at the very least an 1/8" clearance from the side of the insert. I am not sure I fully understand what is happening with your tilt shaft. The retainer bearing and tilt shaft are held in place by a bar that runs vertically inside the saw cabinet. There are screws on the outside of the cabinet to tighten the bar on the inside. Make sure these are adjusted properly. Of course this is assuming you are not accidently missing any parts. But this is all hooked up from the factory so it should be there. Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions just come on back.



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      Deepak, When I j first got my TS2424 years ago I had the same problem as I recall. The blade was off centre in the blade slot. But I soon realized that it didn't matter as I intended to use a zero clearance insert anyway. Which I did. I bought one from Lee Valley tools because the underside has a broad piece already removed to allow for the height of the blade. Anyway I digress. If you go the zero clearance route, which I wholeheartedly recommend, then it doesn't matter... just put your blade on and instal the zero insert.

      Cheers Ivor in Calgary