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  • Steel City Toolworks

    Since Ridgid doesn't offer a drum sander I thought it would be okay to ask this question. Does anyone have any experience with the new Steel City Toolworks line. I was looking at their drum sander but I am a little hesitant because of their lack of a track record.

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    Re: Steel City Toolworks

    I haven't had any experience with Steelcity yet, but I have been researching their line a bit. Apparently formed by some ex-Delta and WMH (powermatic, jet) guys. Lots of good reviews from users and good reviews in mags. I've been looking at a cabinet saw, mortise machine, surface planer and jointer. Seem to be pretty solid machines. If you learn anything about them, I'd be happy to hear about it. Hope this helped a little.

    5 year warrantee doesn't hurt.
    Don't know what part of Az you're in, but here is a distributer...

    Arizona Hardwoods & Woodworking Machinery
    2920 West Thomas Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85017
    Phone: 602-233-9663
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      Re: Steel City Toolworks

      Steel City may have a bit more of a track record than you think. They own Orion who makes the Craftsman hybrids ("Zipcode" saws) and their jointer. Both seem to be well received as good machines.

      Orion's been around for at least 6 years that I know of, and their founders had alot of experience with Delta, PM and possibly others.

      My experiences with Orion's CS was excellent.


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        Re: Steel City Toolworks

        I have a Steel City mortising machine and it works well. There is a distributor about a mile from me and the line looks better in person than in magazines pictures. I have been toying with the idea of selling my Delta chip collector and replacing it with a smaller Steel City collector. The Delta is just too darn big for my small shop.