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How to flatten the throat plate

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  • How to flatten the throat plate

    I've had my 3650 up and running about 2 weeks. The throat plate was dished in the middle by about 25 thou. So I decided to see if I could flatten it and reduce the cup.

    It was quite simple really:

    First: put the plate on a flat level surface, face side down, and used a G clamp to squeeze down the lowest point of the cup. This helped, but not good enough.

    Second: Placed thin wooden shims (shims were about as long as the plate is wide, and themselves 3/4 in wide and about 1 mm thick) at each end under the allen key screws and again used the G clamps to squeeze the lowest point of the cup down. When I released the clamps, the plate has some spring and returns a little to its original shape, but retains much of the corrective bend. This was pretty good, but I figured, I could get better. About 6 thou out now.

    Third: I fine tunned. Taking the plate back to the TS and using a straight edge to mark where it was still cupped. Then back to the flat bench I used shims and the clamps to fine tune. I ended up using two shims in thickness at each end, and 1 shim along one of the edges, using a clamp in the center (of both width and length) of the plate. Its now 2 thou cupped at the lowest point (checked with a feeler guage under a straight edge).

    I'm really pleased with this result. I'm also pleased I have something to contribute after asking a several questions over the past few weeks and getting really helpful answers.

    BTW My Freud blades arrived yesterday and I installed the ripping blade this AM and love the results. Thanks for the blade suggestions. I'll be making cutting boards in a few days!! I also ordered a ZC plate which should arrive soon.

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    Re: How to flatten the throat plate

    Congrats on getting it flattened. I've wondered about ways to do that since you posted. These days, I use ZCI's for just about everything, so I don't even bother w/the stock plate.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: How to flatten the throat plate

      I make my ZCI's out of 1/2 mdf. You could have made one then setup a dado head the width of the stock opening and this could now be your stock plate. But on the other hand make a bunch and use one for each different setting (angle). ZCI's also help with dust collection.



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        Re: How to flatten the throat plate

        Thanks for the inspiration DW. I had posted about this in another thread, and forgot which thread I had read your advice in. Anyway, I had a hump in the middle of my throat plate (2400LS). I jigged it in my vise to take a lot of the bow out. It's not perfect, but much closer now. I'll make a ZCI in lieu of bending it even more.