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Trying to decide on an HVLP sprayer

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  • Trying to decide on an HVLP sprayer

    I have read several posts on this forum from people who like this type of sprayer:

    Harbor Freight Tools - HVLP Spray Gun Kit

    I have a 20 gal compressor rated at 8.5 CFM @ 90 PSI and 10.5 CFM @ 40 PSI so it should be enough to handle a pot type of sprayer. I was at the HF sale today and was all set to make my purchase. However, I was explaining to the HF employee about my intended usage and he pointed me in the direction of this sprayer:

    Harbor Freight Tools - HVLP Spray Kit

    I have not seen this sprayer discussed on this forum. Do any of you have any experience with this sprayer?

    Additional info: I have a 20 foot bookcase project coming up. I am going to try to match the finish of the wood that's on our bedroom set. It is a deep brown satin finish, like a semi-sweet chocolate color and finish. I am not sure what the manufacturer used to finish the wood, but you cannot see the grain. It is not painted. The finish mimics the look of very old, dark, antique furniture. I plan to take a drawer into a paint store and see if the finish is a colored lacquer.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    Re: Trying to decide on an HVLP sprayer

    Beings you have a compressor that will handle the HVLP, the first one wins hands down IMHO. More flexibility and it is easy to change to different length hoses if you need to. If I did not have the compressor to handle the job, the second one would get you into HVLP spraying very inexpensively. That large diameter hose will be a pain unless you are spraying horizontally and not in confined areas.
    I painted acft for over 30 years and have many hours on a set-up like the first one (2 qt pressure pot). Other than air-assist airless, it is probably my favorite.
    However, I have never used any of the HF brand items, so cannot comment on them. Thank you for the link, because I will be going to HF to check out the first deal. That is a good price for a 2 qt PP, even without the gun.
    One comment on that type pressure pot. Buy a cheap strap wrench to loosen the cup. The threads of the aluminum cup have a tendency to gall on the threads in the top, and can be a bear to loosen up.(even on the top quality Devilbiss/Binks ones)

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      Re: Trying to decide on an HVLP sprayer

      Thanks for the feedback, Gofor. I have never sprayed anything except with a typical spray can of paint. Deciding what to buy when you have no experience is no easy task. I love this forum because so many guys with tons of experience like youself are always willing to share their knowledge. Harbor Freight's sidewalk sale is over tomorrow (Sunday). I need to decide and make my purchase by then. BTW, Thanks for the tip about the threads galling. I already own some anti-seize compound and a strap wrench.