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    Just wondering how many of you fellow sawdust makers have a shop saftey board (a habit picked up after years in the Air Force) and whats on it. I have one next to the entrance of the garage with several pairs of safety glasses, a box of disposable foam EAR plugs (for guests in the shop), fire extinguisher, first aid kit and flashlight. The only other thing I haven't added is a phone but that may be down the line. So what do all of you do for safety?

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    Wow, and I thought I was the only safety nut on here I keep a couple pairs of safety glasses in the shop, a couple spares and one pair on each power tool. when I walk up to the TS, RAS, DP, or whatever, there is a pair there waiting for me laying right on the work surface/table. To avoid using them I would have to consciensly pick them up and move them, makes it tough to forget to put them on. I have a container of foam ear plugs too, and use them all the time in the shop and in the yard too, plus a pair of ear muffs. A full face shield for some operations because safety glasses are not in all cases like wood turning or drilling or grinding metal.

    As the Safety Chief in my SeaBee batallion used to say;

    "You can walk on a wooden leg, you can chew with false teeth, but you can't see with a glass eye"

    I have a photo of a guy who lost two fingers to a TS incident on the bulletin board just to remind me to be careful and not take chances. Sounds kinds of gruesum but it keeps reminding me that being able to count to ten on my fingers and thumbs is a good thing

    I have a small 2A10BC fire extinguisher but need to get a larger one. No first aid kit but a few bandages and Neosporin® antibiotic, full first aid kit in the house. No phone in the shop either but I do have a wireless intercom set up between the house and the shop so I could call into the house if I needed help or they can reach me if need be. I do keep my cell phone on and in the shop with me so do have phone circuit should I need it.


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      Also have a photo of a pair of safety glasses that have a brad stuck about half way through them. The guy had just put them on when a brad fired from a gun across the room ricocheted out of the wood and into his glasses, the brad stopped about 1/4" from his eye... Thats why everyone is supposed to put on glasses when they come into the garage.


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        Dust mask is my standard safety gear. Also leave on the splitter / blade guard. I like all 10 of my fingers.

        However. Anybody notice that most WW videos and shows do not use any blade guards or spliter?

        I alwys find that interesting.



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          "Anybody notice that most WW videos and shows do not use any blade guards or spliter?"

          Yeah, that bugs me too. I figure it's for better clarity while filming, but it would be good if they said so. I have noticed that Norm does a little safety blurb concarning safety glasses at the beginning of each show now, that's good. Maybe some day when they are searching for a topic they will do a show dedicated to safety around the shop. Could include sharpening tools properly (sharp tools are safer), how to feed your work safely through various power tools, etc.

          Yeah, we all know all this stuff right? Well a refresher now and then never hurts and for the newbies it is good info.