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Another one done

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    Re: Another one done

    Details! Details! How is the box put together? What kind of wood? What kind of joints? Any metal in it? I would love to have time to make a "simple looking" box like that. Looks like it took some time and thinking. Good Job.
    God Bless You Super Good!!!


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      Re: Another one done

      The top is rabbeted to sit into the box. The only metal is two screws that hold the handle on the top, and a few small brads that hold the 1/4" ply bottom and the feet. I predrilled and inset the screws in the top, but did not cap them. They are visible on the inside of the top.

      The joints are plain miters. Hence the need for the feet to be there. The v-shaped groove in the feet reinforce the mitered corner joints. They are specifically made so the box corners fit tight into them. The height of the box meant I couldn't use biscuits in the joints. I probably could've used splines....but I didn't think of it in time...

      The bottom of the inside has a self-sticking green felt applied on top of the ply. I rabbeted the bottoms of the sides to accept the 1/4" ply and the green felt. That meant the rabbet was 1/32" over 1/4"...I eyeballed it...basically I held the ply with the felt up to the blade and set the depth. I used the 3650 to do the rabbets instead of the router. The blade was not visible above the green felt, because it would compress when attached. I used Titebond III glue in all the joints, including the feet to the box. There are some small brads in the bottom corners that also help to hold the feet on. I don't know how useful the brads are, but the glue is plenty strong!

      Finish was a lot of sanding. That helped to blend the feet into the box a little better, too. Then 3 coats of tung oil. After each coat, I sanded with a green pot-cleaner pad. It's cheaper to buy them in the supermarket than at the hardware store. Then I applied and rubbed in two coats of plain wax.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.