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  • What tool to buy next

    I am just starting to get into woodworking. So far I have a table saw and router. I was wondering what power tool to buy next. Also what power tools should a weekend woodworker not be with out.

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    You will get loads of opinions on your question.

    IMO you should get a jointer next. Dust Collection is also a must. Thickness planer, router table, bandsaw, many nore clamps etc etc etc...................
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      Once I had a table saw, I bought a jointer. If you plan on gluing up panels for table tops or whatever you will definately want a jointer in the shop. A planer can wait until later because you can by surfaced wood at your local supplier. One of the first tools I bought was good quality random orbital sander. This is a must in my opinion.


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        The next tools I would get is the joiner and thickness planer.
        Andy B.


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          A jointer and planer go hand in hand. If you buy the wood, you'll need to run it through the jointer before you plane it. that way, you'll make sure all edges are at 90*. if you plane it first, then bring home the wood to your jointer, you may not end up with parallel sides. So, you'd have to buy the wood, bring it home, run through the jointer, take it back to get planed. Save your $$ and try to buy both at once.


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            I agree, jointer next. You can get by with a bench top drill press and band saw, it just depends where you will be going with your new hobby. I bought these bench top tools and they served me well until I upgraded to the floor models.

            Good dust collection would closely follow the jointer.

            All that is assuming you already have a good drill, random orbit sander, dado blade, etc.

            Good luck.


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              As someone who has started into woodworking over the last two years, I'm not much farther along and remember my startup. My first purchase would be to start a library with a few good books and a subscription to some better woodworking mags. This will help you out with your initial question on your post.

              I agree with a good orbital sander as an initial purchase. I would also spend the money on some good clamps. A biscuit joiner is relatively inexpensive and a must. Also, a really good set of drill bit and a few specialty bits to recess your fasteners are on the tops of my list.

              This is in my most humblest of opinions, good luck and happy saw dusting. Oh, my last piece of advice, get your wife involved in woodworking or the finishing side. It sure softens the blow when you come home with a bench mounted compound miter or other such device. It beats having to put a blanket over it for a few months... or sprinkling saw dust on it and a little grease to make it look like you have had it awhile.

              Bob Sr.<br />Father of Bob-the-Builder


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                For any type of glue-up, a joiner is a must. I also use my Band Saw almost every time I go to build something......then again, you have to drill straight holes, so there is the drill have a router, so a router table makes sense.
                But.....the machine I have had the longest is my joiner.
                Rob Johnson
                Orange, Ca.
                Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                  I agree with all the above.

                  Make sure you look at THIS link about a router extension table for you saw.

                  I have slowly getting back into Wood working. I have found it very useful to build shop stuff, like a basic workbench, saw jigs and some storage stuff. I get practice using my tools and if it is not perfect it is OK.

                  Best of luck and above all enjoy what you do.