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    I went to buy the jp0610 jointer yesterday and the hd in my area had it priced at $449 . They said that if I wanted to get it for $399 I would have to have prof of the price else where . So please let me know where i can print out something to help me get it for the lower price.

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    I just did a search on using the zip code for Round Rock, TX 78664 (where I saw it for $399.00. Unfortunatley it is back to $449.00

    Here is the link if it will work.. mjkmcgelceffdfgidgjl.0&search_text=ridgid&DRC=4

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      it is Google's new "Price Comparing" search engine. If that doesn't work, try toolseeker at
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        I just got back from my local HD ! The price for the jointer on the rack was $399 but they were sold out (The guy who bought the last one was still there). They called another store for me to make sure they had one in stock before I drove across town. When I arrived their price was $449.00. They called the other store and were told that the first store had missed priced the jointer and should have been $449.00 also. I think I might go buy a JET .

        Update: After I wrote this I went back to the first store to voice my complaint. I talk to a manager and he explained that 'the jointer's priced was reduced for the holidays and now was $449.00. He stated that since they had caused the confusion with the missed priced sticker and for my time. He would send someone over to the other store and get the jointer and sell it to me at the old price $399.00. After getting another 10% off for opening a charge account I walked out paying $359. Everyone makes mistakes, Not everyone fixes them as well as this manager did. They have earned a loyal customer.

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          Don't feel so bad. When I went to get mine last week, I ran into the same thing. The one store that still had the Jointer was at $449, while everyone else was at $399 (and out of stock) Anyway, the manager showed me his computer system and low and behold...The jointer was only on sale till December 13th! I paid $449, only because the Jet models were higher and I really don't feel like paying shipping on a 250lb box. (now it is really cold here and I can't even spend the time out in the garage putting it together)