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A Tale of Two Wrenches

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  • A Tale of Two Wrenches

    On another thread in this forum (see “And You Put Your 3650 Wrenches Where?”) I asked where you are supposed to put the wrench on the inboard side of the blade when changing blades. Jim from B.C. explained in detail that the open ended wrench went just inside the blade on to a flat on the arbor shaft and the box end went on the arbor nut. I asked my wife to come look at the saw and see if she could see the flat. Sure enough, she did. I couldn’t feel it with the wrench because the open end was way too wide to catch it and my fingers didn’t get that far. Being the genius that I am, after a few hours of contemplation I decided that I had the wrong wrenches. Mine are identical with only one open end. It fits the arbor nut.

    Now for the good news. I girded my loins and got ready to do battle with HD to get the proper wrenches. I could just imagine them telling me to bring the saw back and they would exchange it with one that had the right wrenches. To my utter amazement when I called them and told them about my problem and that I had bought the saw almost a year ago, the hardware manager said to come over and he
    would fix me right up. He did, too. When I got there he had wrenches in his pocket that had a box end on one end that fit the arbor nut and an open end on the other that fit the flats on the arbor. He said that they had a damaged saw in the back that he lifted the wrenches from although it was definitely against company policy. He further said that they had been robbing parts from it for almost a year and a half. I’m afraid to call the branch manager and give the local store an “attaboy” because I might get them in trouble. I’ve had my issues with HD in the past but as long as they have guys like that around I’m a loyal customer. It’s great to run into a pleasant, well informed person like that who is willing to solve a customer’s problem with a little clear thinking and initiative.

    Blind Bill

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    Re: A Tale of Two Wrenches


    Remember the good guy at HD and visit with him now and then. That's the type of person you want to do business with. Maybe sometime you can do a little favor for him. Are these cheepo stamped steel wrenches? If yes and you ever want better, you can use what are called TAPPET wrenches that are nice forged and tempered (heat treated) tool steel and ground finished. They are normally both open end (2 sizes) with thin heads and run about 10 inches in length. Sears - Craftsman has them in several sizes. Other large serious tool manufactures have them too. Snap-on has really nice ones but their price will make anyone howl.


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      Re: A Tale of Two Wrenches

      Hey Bill glad you got it all worked out.

      It must have been very frustrating until you figured out they packed the wrong wrenches with your saw.

      My local Home Depot has one or two good guys like yours.
      You could tell the manager that you were impressed with the guys service and attitude without going into specific detail... The good guys deserve a pat on the back.
      Cheers! - Jim
      All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Schopenhauer


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        Re: A Tale of Two Wrenches

        That's a good idea, Jim. I'll certainly follow through.
        Wousko, thanks for the comment about the tappet wrenches. I remember reading on this forum somewhere about them but couldn't find the post when I needed it. My first idea was to go to HD and get the size of the open-ended end from one of theirs and then trot over to Sears and try to buy one. No need.
        Incidentally, although it was kind of aggravating the lack of a place to put a wrench on the arbor wasn't a big deal. I had used a thing like Sandy suggested and didn't really need to do anything else, but it sure is nice to have that wrench.