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Can you use a jointer to plane?

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  • Can you use a jointer to plane?

    I have a small cutting board (about 8 in x 11in) made of purple heart and ash. It has a slight bow as a result of using cheap clamps that did not hold the edges parallel and no cauls (lessons learned : ).

    Can I use a 6 1/4 jointer to flatten the board? I posted a previous thread about how to make a table and cutting board flat and I don't yet have any of the tools suggested in the replies.

    If I can use the jointer, what is the technique? Or should I just wait until I can get a tool that will flatten it? A scraper is first on the list.

    Thanks Dennis

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    Re: Can you use a jointer to plane?

    The concave portion should be easy to flatten on a jointer. The convex side will be more difficult, but I suppose it could be done.... You'll have to figure a way to keep it from rockoing. You could always take a hand plane to it to get it started. That side would be more easily done on a planer if you can hire it or borrow it done.
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      Re: Can you use a jointer to plane?

      My opinion is that the answer is no. Any technique I can think of would be dangerous and produce questionable results.


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        Re: Can you use a jointer to plane?

        I can't think of any way you can do it on a jointer or safely. You can certainly get both ends flat, but not paralel to each other. Not to mention you can only do the first 6" edges of each corner at a time and you'll never be able to flatten each of those 6" segments aligned with each other.
        What you need is a planer with a sled jig. As long as the piece isn't larger than about 12" to fit most conventional portable planers unless you have access to a larger capacity industrial planer.
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          Re: Can you use a jointer to plane?

          Maybe this will help:

          Of course, you can alter it to whatever your needs are.

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            Re: Can you use a jointer to plane?

            Don't use the joiner, attach a strip of wood on each side w/ brass screws and run it through the planer. Just make sure those 2 strips are not twisted in anyway and are parrallel. Run it through a couple times, then take off the strips and run it through the other way.

            On big pieces, I've used a router. The jig is hard to explain but easy to find in old woodworking books. Or go to a local cabinet shop and pay the guy 5 bucks for a couple passes on his joiner and planer.
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              Re: Can you use a jointer to plane?

              Since my joiner is only a 6 incher (I know you're impressed but no comments please ) I use a sled with my planer. It's nothing but a piece of nice flat 13 ply that is 12" x 48". At the head end I have attached a low fence that the piece I want to plane butts up against. I then lay the board on the sled and determine the best way to plane it (which side up is best) and then shim it with some wide, low wedges (about a 3/8" taper to nothing over 5") where needed so it won't flex as it passes through. This lets me plane a roughly 12" wide board up to 48" long. After a couple passes I take it off the sled and flip it over and can then thickness it normally.
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