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Stacked Dado on TS2412

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  • Stacked Dado on TS2412

    When I use a stacked dado on my TS2412, there is play in one of the chipper blades located above the space between the threads and shoulder of the arbor. This creates a small groove at the bottom of the dado. Pushing up slighly on the bottom of this specific chipper while tightening mostly remedies this problem. However it makes for timely set-up and needs to be compensated for every time I loosen the arbor (adding/removing spacers to achieve the desired width). Is there an arbor that I can retrofit to my saw that will allow the dado to work better?

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    There is an arbor that you can get that will remedy that problem. Some of the earlier arbors had rolled threads instead of cut threads, causing a slight diameter change from the shoulder to the threads. Call 1-800-4RIDGID and talk to Customer Service, and they will send you a complete arbor housing assembly at no charge. The arbor itself is a press fit, so it is necessary to include the complete housing. It’s not hard to change and instructions are included with the housing.



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      How often do you see this kind of service?



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        Would this apply to a 2424? I bought a Freud Super Dado and it seems to be a piece of junk at $160.00! My old Sears wobble dado cuts as good a dado. I was going to write a nasty letter to Freud but when I saw this post I wonder if the saw is at fault. How does one check this out? Any help is much appreciated as I am really disappointed in the dado head.


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          Ham, call 1-800-4RIDGID.



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            I received my replacement arbor assembly from Ridgid at no charge. I installed it (although it was missing instalation instructions), and now my stacked dado works MUCH better (and saves a lot of setup time), It took me about 45 min to figure out and execute the switch, but it was time well spent. Ridgid sent out the part and I received it within 5 business days (Thanks Ridgid). If your replacment is missing the instructions email me @ and I can give you some basic beta to get through it.


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              Jake, would I be left out, having the Craftsman mod. #315.228310? I called Ridgid cust. service and they were unaware of the problem.


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                Let me check with one of our old craftsman gurus. If the arbor would fix your problem, of course I wouldn't be able to get you one under warranty, but you could purchase one. Go to and look under the parts listing for the TS2424