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  • has any one heard of

    has any one ever heard of the belt sander races?web page
    Andy B.

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    so what do you think of the belt sander races?
    Andy B.


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      Just goes to show the things that result from idle time. I kinda thought it was neat, although strange. I am a NASCAR fan and had visions of short track mania!
      BTW, posted the URL on another website. Not much response there, either.
      Mac<P>Problems are opportunities in disguise


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        Since Ridgid gave up the sponsership on the #20 Home Depot car, maybe this could be a new opportunity. What do you think Jake?

        This sounds like something you would see on Tim Allen's Home Improvement.

        I guess this comes under the "laugh at yourself" category but............ last summer I had an unintended drag race with my belt sander. Somehow the on "lock" was engaged when I plugged in the extension cord. The sander was on the upper deck. I was in the basement plugging it in. My Golden Retreiver was laying next to the sander. The rest, as they say, is history. My neighbor gave me the blow by blow of what I missed before I came out of the basement. Not a pretty sight! For the record, I don't know what the elapsed time was but I do know that a Golden Retreiver is no match for a Porter Cable belt sander AKA dog sander

        The following week my neighbor came over to borrow my "pup" sander as he now calls it. I'm surrounded by comedians!. I just love to entertain the neighbors!!!!

        If everyone were to "tell on themselves" I'll bet you could fill a discussion board up with just crazy things that have happened with power tools. Sort of a woodworker's confessional.

        Wood Dog


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          Wood "Dog"

          Is that where you came up with the alias?

          -Rob<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> <br />Damn, I hit the wrong nail again. Ouch that hurts


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            Actually I adopted the name from my dog. She loves to be in the shop and loves to retreive any and every thing that hits the floor. The choice pieces she saves to chew on. (maple seems to be her favorite.) Before I installed a dust collector she loved to roll in the saw dust before I could clean it up. One day she loaded up on the saw dust then came outside where some of my neighbors had gathered in the back yard with their kids, just talking and hanging out. Rose AKA Wood Dog walked into the middle of this group and decided to shake. It looked like a saw dust bomb exploded! One of the kids asked me how she did that and I told him that Rose was a "wood" dog. The name stuck and that's what all the neighbors now call her. When we go for walks, the kids usually yell "here comes Wood Dog" so I guess in a way I have also been attached to the label. Oh well, I have certainly been called worse!

            Wood Dog (and now you know the rest of the story)


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              I think it a good idea.
              Andy B.