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Blades for MDF & Particle Board

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  • Blades for MDF & Particle Board

    Do you use premium blades? Junk Blades? Carbide? Steel?

    My application is building register counters for my retail stores. Going to use the maple melamine veneered stuff from HD

    Would appreciate opinions that are accompanied by an explanation.

    Thanks, Curt

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    I have a Freud "Ultimate Laminate" blade that does a great job on laminates and veneers.


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      I generally use an old off brand combination blade for MDF. That stuff is hard on blades and I wouldn't want to tear up my "good" Freud.


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        I love working with MDF (based on experience with about 5 sheets so far) - it cuts and machines very nicely - so a "cheap" blade may be adequate (I worried about dulling my good blade, but can't prove any damage). The biggest disadvantage is weight - about 90 pounds for a sheet of 3/4 inch. Watch out for the size also - an inch larger than 4x8 so it didn't fit right in my minvan. The sawdust is a very fine powder that seems to get places wood sawdust can't

        I hate working with particle board. It machines poorly, so I have used "real wood" even under formica (e.g. at the edge of a counter) for a better edge/corner surface. With the newer materials available, I hope I don't ever have to use particle board again. It also seems to be hard on blades. Since I don't think you can get a really good edge even with the best blade, I would probably use an old or cheaper (disposable) carbide blade if I had a lot to do.


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          Leitz makes an excellent blade for melamine. It does a good job on both double and single side melamine. I am not in the shop at the moment and don't recall the number but they have a web site and it is their only melamine blade. It cost about $70 and is well worth it.



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            Only company I know selling Leitz on-line is . Good folks.



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              Dave -

              Bought my Leitz direct. Worked out better for me cause they shipped it out of their NC office 40 miles from me, was here the next day with standard postage.



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                I use cheap ($10-25) carbide tipped combination blades (US Steel) both in my handheld circular saw and table saw. I've gotten very good results cutting 3/4" mdf...nothing to complain about besides the occasional burn/cutting circle mark due to misfeed. Most of my cutting is with the circular saw on a cutting table/sawhorse since MDF is so darn heavy. I've found that besides the dust, MDF is fairly easy to cut in the sense that there really isn't a rip/crosscut orientation. However, I've had poor results in my limited experiences cutting melamine because of the laminate chipping so easily...probably should have used a crosscut blade with a higher tooth count. For the most part, I refuse working with partical board because it's so fragile and moisture-sensitive.