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  • ZCI for 3612

    Hey everyone I have a Ridgid 3612. My problem is I can't find a ZCI for this saw, because it use the really thin 1/8" insert. Can anyone tell me where can I find one or how to make one and whats the best material to use. I search this forum top to bottom and cant find anything pretaining to ZCI for the 3612.

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    Tim_ber Look under GENERAL POWER TOOL there is a discussion goig on now about this. I have posted a link to buy from Ridgid and Badger Dave makes his own for his 3612. He may be able to email you a pattern.
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      Model 442 of the inserts listed on this page should fit your saw.

      I make my own using 1/8" hardboard but thats only because I'm "frugal". You can use almost anything to make your own especially if you have a planer and can easily reduce the thickness of whatever you happen to have on hand. As a matter of fact, one of these days I hope to find some manufactured flooring scraps and see if I can't make some inserts out of them. Dress up the saws tabletop a bit.
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        Hey everyone

        Just tought I would jump in and ask a quick question about ZCI. I have the ridgid 3612. I started a topic on ZCI but bagerdave and papadan point me to this on going discussion (thanks guys) I decided that I'm gonna make my own insert. Heck thats why I have WW tools .
        I plan to use 1/2 MDF with white laminate glued on top, then cut the underside to the shape of the edges so it recess like the orginal insert. I'm not sure this will work but its worth a try.
        what do you guys think. any and all suggestion would be greatly appreciated


        Dang it! post reply on wrong board sorry guys

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