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  • Warning on dealing with!

    I thought I would offer a public service here to warn all potential buyers of

    This online dealer is an ACE Hardware store in Ellenville, NY. The person I dealt with {Brian} I'm guessing is the owner.

    I wanted to purchase a Sjoberg Workbench from them, I found them doing a search and found that their price was the best by $50. However 2 1/2 weeks later I find myself totally aggravated with delays and lies, I have now ordered the workbench elsewhere.

    If you are interested read further. In this list you can experience what I went through. If you're a masochist then you should definitely deal with this guy.

    1) 5/19, unable to checkout online because of website problem, used Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    2) 5/21, first thing Monday morning I called in my order, told it would be about 5 days to drop ship from supplier in CA.

    3) 5/31, called in the morning to inquire about order. I was told since the supplier was in CA he would get back to me in the afternoon. Brain never called back, so before the end of the business day I called and left a message that was never returned.

    4) 6/1, I waited to around 3 in the afternoon for him to respond, he didn't and I called. I was told that the supplier made a mistake and shipped it to him in NY. Brain said that he was expecting the item that day and would ship it right out.

    5) 6/6, Called at the end of the day to leave a message that the item never arrived and to call me first thing in the morning.

    6) 6/7
    A} Brain e-mailed that the item was picked up by UPS on 6/6 and it would arrive on 6/8, he supplied me with a UPS Freight Pro number.
    B) I called UPS with the number, they had no record of it. The UPS operator even checked that on 6/6 Tool-Corral only had two items that were picked up, one to AZ and to SC, neither one my state.
    C) E-mailed Brian that I needed a guarantee that I would get this on 6/8, if not I would not accept the order. He replied "I figured I would save myself the trouble and cut my losses...It is still at the UPS freight terminal that services me. They are returning it to me tomorrow."
    D) In regards to what he stated on 6/1 he now wrote this "As far as receiving the items, they arrived late Monday, we needed to receive them and sort the order. Your order was 1 out of 16 workbenches and various other items I had ordered. 7 of those workbenches were then repalleted, and then scheduled with the trucking company for pickup"

    6/8 would have been the 13th business day, I am not counting the order date nor Memorial day.

    What really infurited me with him before the blow out and the TRUTH on 6/7, were the unreturned calls and not keeping me up to date after 6/1.

    So I just hope that I spare someone else from having to deal with this clown!

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    Re: Warning on dealing with!


    I actually had difficulty with them as well when I was looking to get Rick a micro for his birthday. They had a too good to be true offer that I was questioning. I PM'ed Josh to find a local company with them in stock since they were on back order. I ended up with Ferguson instead.

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    phoebe it is


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      Re: Warning on dealing with!

      I'm sorry to hear they have gone south.One of my best deals(Makita impact driver package) was from them 18 mo. ago.