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Cleaning Plywood

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  • Cleaning Plywood

    This probably sounds like a stupid question, but does anyone know how to clean plywood?

    I've got a load of A1 Birch ply that has all kinds of grubbiness going on, including footprints!

    If it were solid lumber I'd just sand it clean, but I'm concerned just how much I can get away with given how thin the veneer is.

    Sadly, I didn't inspect it when it was delivered as my main concern was getting it inside!

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Cleaning Plywood

    Doing a light sanding, maybe even by hand, or try wiping it down with mineral spirits.

    You didn't say how long it has been since it was delivered, but if it was only a few days, I wouldn't hesitate to give the supplier a call to take it all back.

    I haven't purchased a quality grade of plywood in some time now, but certainly I'd expect anything approaching a quality veneer to arrive without blemish. Maybe things have changed over the last decade, and I suppose the lesson learned here, is that you probably needed to tell the supplier what the intended purpose was for the plywood and what that you expected it to be clean.

    I hope this helps,