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Ridgid 14" Band Saw; Changes?

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  • Ridgid 14" Band Saw; Changes?

    This BS seems hard to find. Seems stores are out of them. Are they going through a refit or change? Upgrade motor to 1HP or something to help compete with the new Grizzly 0555? What about the fences and riser blocks too?

    Thanks for any info.


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    I believe the problem was a result of a strike at the docks causing a delay in overseas shipments. We have experienced the same problems with various Rigid products in Canada too since they come through the U.S.
    Fortunately I found one and I love it. It was easy to set up and adjustments were minor.
    Best of luck!


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      I agree. I like my 14" ridgid bs very much. I had no problems whatsoever setting it up and tuning it from the factory required very little effort. Be patient. oh have fun with it oo.


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        Got to use my new Ridgid bandsaw for the first time yesterday. I have to agree that set up was fairly painless and easy. The saw cuts great with speed, and with only a shop vac hooked up to the dust collector port, there was very minimal dust to clean up afterward.

        The only thing that I didn't like was that they have you install the table before adjusting the guide blocks. Adjustment of the lower guide blocks can only be done with the table off, so I wasted my time doing the same operation twice.


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          Adjustment of the lower guide blocks can only be done with the table off

          Page 20 of the BS1400 manual has the topic "Adjusting Lower Blade Guides and Blade Support Bearing". It doesn't mention anything about removing the table. That would be a serious design error, bandsaw guides need adjusting often.



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            Dave, The guides may be able to be adjusted with teh table on. However, I can barely see the lower guides with the table on, let alone get my big hands in there to turn screws and adjust small blocks to within 1/64" of the blade.