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  • Audio Video component shelf

    I was just given a 52" projection tv that my dad one in a golf tournament. problem I have now is that I don't have a spot to put my 35lbs yamaha receiver, my sat receiver & dvd player.

    the tv is 25" deep but the top is not flat. it slopes down. I want to make a shelf to go right above. this way my 7 month old can't get to the components as well. I'm trying to come up with something that will look good so my wife won't kill me! but yet has to hold the weight. a lot of my living room is pine. I live in a century home with exposed beams that are all finished. I was hoping to make it out of pine and use the same stain I used on my other furniture. just can't figure out a nice way to make a strong shelf. any ideas?

    ps I also have a mig welder and access to some steel if that helps..


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    Re: Audio Video component shelf

    Using a more arts-n-crafts method, you could build the supports on either side of the TV up to the shelf above. Three straight members, with a lower support (a board that you mortise the support risers into), and an upper support. Mortise and tennons for the joints. The upper shelf can be screwed down into the upper stretcher/support member, as you won't see it for the most part. If you don't like that, you can use biscuits to join the upper stretcher to the shelf. Keep your shelf relatively beefy to support the weight. You won't have any lateral support. You could do a lateral beam below the shelf from the upper stretchers. Mortise it into the stretchers on either side.

    I wish I could use Sketch-Up!! Sorry if this isn't too drawing skills are pathetic. I hope you can visualise what I'm trying to describe. The three uprights on either side have tennons into the stretchers. This will make it look a bit more in the arts and crafts style.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Audio Video component shelf

      I kind of like VASandy's idea. Maybe you could build a torsion box of sorts for the shelf span and top it with a 3/4" plywood and face it with some pine trim. If you have the space you might consider building storage cabinets on either side of the TV.

      Here's a website for some possible inspiration:

      AVS Forum RPTV Theaters Gallery