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    hi dave finally got a chance to setup the incra ultra wow!!!! one thing that hasn't been covered in the directions is, i mounted the unit to a 3/4" oak ply,(actual dem 11/16) now when i mounted the right angle fixture on the fence the 2 wood runners on the RAF are just thichenough that the lip in the RAF is not contacting the fence solidly, am i missing something or should i just run the raf across the jointer till better contact is made thanks : bill

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    My right angle fixture was just opposite, just a little too short for the WonderFence. Your problem has an easier fix.

    Running Baltic Birch plywood on the jointer might be a bit messy. IF you can do it safely with such small pieces, you might consider ripping them slightly smaller on the tablesaw. That's a big IF though, because small pieces can nail you bad. Only you can answer that...

    If you do wish that, they simply unscrew from the RAF. Glad you like the Incra, I sure like mine. [img]smile.gif[/img]