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MS1060 CompoundMitreSaw Arbor LOCK??

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  • MS1060 CompoundMitreSaw Arbor LOCK??

    I can't believe NOT ONE PERSON has had a problem with the Arbor Lock on the MS1060 Compound Mitre Saw. To begin with the design by the "engineer" includes a super stiff spring, which if you don't have the saw mounted, that requires so much pressure from your thumb that the saw slides across the work area. Problem number one!
    Next, the arbor lock "tab" has given me trouble both on the MS1050 and the replacement MS106. SO... why in he** hasn't RIDGID addressed the problem. I have taken my unit apart, filed the tab down to permit full insertion into the round hole on the arber, slightly bent the tab to perfectly center on the hole...and it still sucks. If RIDGID would only take 20 or 30 of these saws and "inspect" them, I would almost GUARANTEE they would have arbor lock problems on several of them. GET OFF THE STICK - admit you have a problem and FIX IT!!!

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    Perhaps you have a defective one. My MS1060 arbor lock works perfectly. Spring is a bit strong, but I can't ever see it getting bumped and have it lock unexpectedly. I've changed blades numberous times and it has always locked in when I turned the blade to receive the lock.

    I would say since there has been no other posts (to my recollection) about a problem with the arbor lock, it's an isolated case. I can't imagine using the thing without it being at least clamped to a work surface. It has so much torque on start up it wonders. That's why I mounted mine to a universal stand.
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