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Ridgid Air Compressor Adjustment

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  • Ridgid Air Compressor Adjustment

    I own a Ridgid OF45150A twin-stack air compressor.

    My question is...should the "quick couplers" always leak air when I have an air hose attached? If not, is there an adjustment that I can do to stop the air leaking?

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    Re: Ridgid Air Compressor Adjustment

    I don't have the twin stack, but do have a 33-gal, NL Craftsman compressor that employs a quick-connect coupler on it's outlet. I've also used quick-connects on my hoses. I've yet to have one "leak", at least not noticeablly!

    How are the the mating connectors that you are plugging in? If they're battered they probably will not seat properly. If however they are clean and there are not burrs or dents, then they should seat okay.

    In nothing seems to seat properly then I would presume that the quick-connect is dirty or damaged in some way. The collar should snap in place and the spring action needs to be strong enough to provide a good fit. About the only thing I can think of beyond that is the possibility that the internal mating area must be damaged.

    I don't know of a "fix". Just purchase a new coupling and replace it. I would think that this would be covered under the warranty and/or LLSA, but the question is how much hassle you may have to go through to get it addressed. If you have a Ridgid authorized service center near by, it might be worth them looking at it, otherwise you could see if you could just send them the damaged coupling for their inspection and possible replacement.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Ridgid Air Compressor Adjustment

      Have you tried the soapy water leak test?
      Put some dish soap [a few drops] and water in a spray bottle hook up your hoses etc.
      then spray the area to see what bubbles.
      It could be a bad/worn/defective coupler or something simple like tightening the coupler a 1/4 turn or so.

      Often assembly lines use a pipe dope on the threads..typically they are just fine. You may want to unscrew the coupler and use Teflon tape and be sure not to go crazy with the stuff. a maximum of 4 wraps and also be sure not to wrap the first row of threads or above. This will ensure no Teflon bits get into your air system.

      Be sure to let us know what you find and did to solve your problem.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Ridgid Air Compressor Adjustment

        Thanks, Guys. I will try your suggestions and will report back to the list.