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Tall fence for TS3650

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  • Tall fence for TS3650

    I've tried 2 different approaches to making / installing a tall fence for my 3650. Each one has worked, but isn't as elegant nor as effective as I would like.

    I built a slip-on wraparound tall fence... Didn't like that it wasn't secured and moved slightly front to back... (can't get the snug-fitting tolerances THAT good).

    I also made a jig which attaches to the top of my fence, with T-tracks set horizontally parallel to the fence face. This is great for attaching featherboards for stock hold-down, but doesn't hold a taller board perfectly vertical for some reason (angles out from the fence just a bit).

    So, now I'm considering making a jig similar to most band-saw jigs for resawing irregular stock, that would be secured using the miter slot and expanding miter slot hardware. My only concern with this is that it would not make use of the stock fence at all, and the attaching points (miter slot) are somewhat distant from the blade, creating the potential for less than stellar stability. I could make it with "extensions" for clamping purposes to solve this problem... But that seems inelegant.

    Going this route gives me flexibility using my miter slots with my extension router table to use it for routing purposes as well. However, I could just as easily use my table saw fence for routing duty, if a good tall fence solution can be found to attach to the stock fence (this is my preference).

    My needs for this are as follows:
    - To make 15 degree bevel cuts on 10" square bannister caps (four sides... several of these to make)
    - Use a sled or something similar to secure and feed face frame stock with a locking miter bit.
    - Beveling small door panels (less than 30" on any side)
    - Cutting tenoned edges for fixed shelves (so, probably 10-12" long tenons)

    So, does anyone have a tall-fence setup that you really like and that works really well? Please post pics and a description!


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    Re: Tall fence for TS3650

    I made an aux fence that sounds pretty similar to your first attempt. Mine mounted to a Biesemeyer fence, but I imagine it'd work fine on your Ridgid fence if you were to hold it down on each end with T-bolts in the top slots.
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      Re: Tall fence for TS3650

      Thanks hewood. Yeah, that's similar to my first fence. Although my first one went around the whole stock fence, instead of straddling it... hrrrm.. this is more what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot for the included picture!


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        Re: Tall fence for TS3650

        The fence such as Hewood made works better (in my opinion) on the wider fences such as the Biesemeyer and its close copies. I believe this is because of the width. The RIDGID and most similar contractor style saws don't come with a fence of this style. The RIDGID fence is close to square in cross section.

        Try Rocklers new #31373 Universal Fence Clamp, so new its not on their web site yet (I have my sources). One pair of these can be reused for multiple jogs and fences. They're ~$14/pair. In most cases you would use them in pairs.

        This is the fence clamp that I made last year. The photo below shows on of my prototypes. I did make a pair of these and am using them now for the past 5 months and it works great. I can drop my sacrificial fence on and clamp it down fast with no fuss. Underneath the clamp is glued a neoprene pad which keeps the add-on fence from slipping.

        On the fence that I made to use with these clamps I put a pin on the back side that allows me to position it in the same place on the TS fence each time I use it without hassle.

        I guess I'll have to retract my statement about Rockler not having the 31373 Fence Clmap on thier site, it IS up there now. Just two days ago it was not.
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