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610 Joiner Woes

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  • 610 Joiner Woes

    Greetings to all...I have been a lurker on the forum reading posts and gathering info. I became familiar with Ridgid tools a couple of years ago. Seemed well thought out and designed. My old craftsman joiner being on it's last legs seemed to inspire me for bigger and better and waited for the new 610 model to come out based on what I saw on the web site and this forum.....Purchased it last weekend and put it together Sunday evening.

    Tonight went out to give it it's maiden run. Excellent machine, true cuts, quite running BUT.....I don't have a dust collector so I've ran across the problem that after about 2-3 passes trying to smooth the face of a board I have to stop, get a stick and insert it up into the dust slot to get all the chips cleared out so they don't come flying out by the cutter head. Is anyone else experiencing this??? My old craftsman just dropped the chips directly underneath into a box I had fashioned.

    I am so disheartened I am ready to load it up and drive the hour back to Home Depot to return it. Any ideas, suggestions, similar woes.

    By the way...I spent a lot of time looking at the similar model Delta, Jet, Woodtek and thought overall layout and design was better on the Ridgid minus this one flaw.

    Any ideas appreciated.


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    My jointer does the same thing when I have run douglas fir or pine. With denser hardwood that doesn't seem to happen. I wonder if the cutter head creates a vacuum in the area below the head and the lighter weight shavings swirl around under the head. I dunno, I ain't no engine ear.


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      Don't give up the ship. I have a Jet. Does the same thing if no suction on discharge chute. Surely you have a shop-vac. Obtain proper fitting, or close, to reduce for shop vac, apply liberal dose of duct tape or your preferred product and make chips.

      If, as you say, everything else works great, seems like hooking up a vac is a pretty simple solution. Added benefit is you have very little cleanup.


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        I know what you are talking about: I don't have the ridgid jointer, but my jet 6" jointer did the same thing when the black dust hood adapter (the thing that you hook up to the dust collector)was installed (I don't have a dust collector.) The opening in the hood was not enough to let the shavings fall on to the floor, it would back up into the cutterhead. The solution was to remove the hood, then let the shavings fall where the may. No problems since.
        'Course, all this is moot if you don't have a hood installed.


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          I know this sounds like a silly question, but do you have the plastic dust chute slid up out of the way? If this is down any chips will back up in the chute. Beyond that it is hard for any fluffy chips like pine to get out of there period. My be recommendation would be use a dust collector.



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            Assuming the 4" ductpiece is not installed, a little extra help is also given by waxing the inside of the chute.

            In the end, though, Jake has the right answer. Certain tools really want a dust collector.