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  • A Dream Tool Comes Home

    My dream tool folder is pretty full of all the tools that I think I might need/want, but it's not emptying very quickly. Just dreams anyway.

    A few months back my local Lowes started closing out one of my dream tools, the Delta 50-760 Dust Collector. It was reduced to $300, which was a $50 savings. Still just a dream. As the moths slipped by the price kept dropping, but it was still in the dream category. Well last week I was in Lowes looking for a router bit, and getting real frustrated because after going through them all, I couldn't find what I wanted. As I was leaving the aisle I saw the Delta DC floor display and blew right past it in my frustrated state, but by the time I got to the door I thought about what the price was and didn't remember seeing it. So back to the aisle I went. No price sticker on the front so I looked at the back and couldn't believe my eyes. It was reduced $202, down to $147. I rolled it right down to the cashier and bought that sucker. To make the deal sweter, when I was registering it on line at the Delta site I checked for rebates. It has a $30 rebate that I can qualify for. One of my dream tools has come home for $117. Check your Lowes if you're looking for a dust collector. You just might find one stuffed in a weird aisle.

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    Re: A Dream Tool Comes Home

    Great score Hector B

    Love it when that kind of deal happens

    Now you get to design a DC system, or have you already planned that?
    Cheers! - Jim
    All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Schopenhauer


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      Re: A Dream Tool Comes Home

      Thanks for the tip. I will check my Lowes. I use the crappy AP300(the small one w/ the single bag-upgraed to 5 micron).
      You can never have enough drills-too many is just enough!!!!!


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        Re: A Dream Tool Comes Home

        Good scores come by so seldom that I'm still breathless.

        I haven't planned a DC system, and don't know that I will. In my one car garage the 5' hose that comes with the unit reaches my tablesaw and bandsaw without needing to even move the DC. If I can jockey some more room out there I might find a place to permanently stick the DC and make pipe runs, but I'm not there yet.

        I have a small question. Do I still need to run a ground wire between the DC and whatever equipment I've got it connected to?


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          Re: A Dream Tool Comes Home

          Wood dust moving through a plastic pipe will create static electricity. It's enough to create a decent spark. To be safe, a ground wire is recommended. I find the problem more prevalent on the shop-vac than the DC, for some reason.
          I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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            Re: A Dream Tool Comes Home

            Sweeeet deal, Hector B!! I'm impressed.