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Congrats to Ridgid

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  • Congrats to Ridgid

    I hate to detract from all the Ryobi bashing and speculation on the quality of the soon to be released new tools, but I thought I throw up a little reminder why we are all here in the first place. The October issue of the Woodworkers Journal has selected the TS2424 as their latest addition to their Tools That Endure list. They reviewed it 5 years ago and have continued to use it and have found it worthy of the initial investment, as most of us have. Congrats to Ridgid, and for what it’s worth, I for one will wait until I see the new products prior to passing judgment (the color on the stationary tools is a tad overbearing though).


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    Woodslayer, you beat me to it! I just saw the article too. I too have been a bit "put out" by all the goings on lately, but articles like that help reaffirm my confidence. I just hope the quality continues!

    There is also an big article on workshop storage, layout, etc. in this months Woodworkers Journal (I think...I get several different mags). Anyway, could not help noticing several different Ridgid tools in the authors workshop.