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Building a skateboard 1/2 pipe

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  • Building a skateboard 1/2 pipe

    I am looking to build a 1/2 pipe for my boy since we have no hard top out here in the country (A-gravel drive). These plans are for a pretty large structure but it would give him some room to play. The issue is the expense, exterior plywood alone is around $570
    My thoughts are to make it 4' wide instead of the 8' design but I am not sure if this would be wide enough.
    Anyone ever built something similar? Any suggestion to cut down on the cost?

    Here is a PDF of the plans (312K)

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    Re: Building a skateboard 1/2 pipe

    Some years ago (15+/-) I built a half pipe for my son. To save money and make it a bit safer, I kept the height down, no vertical. About a 4 foot rise above the deck. The transition was also a shorter radius than 'standard' (that saved a bit on length, but made riding it a bit trickier). I kept the 8' width, and I am glad I did after watching some of the unsuccessful runs. I think a 4' width would be much too narrow for safety.

    The ramp was up and used for about 5 years. Here in the NW it had to weather winter rains, so the riding surface was recovered once or twice with hardboard, but he underlying structure seemed to hold up well (2x's and cdx set on short 4x4 concrete embedded posts).

    Just a few observations from having gone through the same exercise with my son. I was enjoyed and used a lot.


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      Re: Building a skateboard 1/2 pipe

      I just built the halfpipe for my grandsons. Followed the same plans you have.
      Total cost was $530.00. I know the cost is high, but was worth it. I increased the cost a bit since I used all pressure treated 2x4's for the frame.
      My grandsons wanted the 4 foot high version. It took me a while to get the radius right so two end pieces could be cut from 1 4 x 8 sheet. other than that everything was straight forward.



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        Re: Building a skateboard 1/2 pipe

        In my younger years we used to build quite a few half pipes. I wont metion how or where we got the wood... You do not want to go with a 4' width way to dangerous to be usefull. One trick we used to do was for the flat-bottom we gathered as many wooden pallets as possible the kind used for shipping materials and such and make the flat bottom portion of the ramp out of laying them butted up next to each other and covering that with plywood. At the time most construction sites and hardware stores and such were not re-using them and would let us cart them away. It is also pretty amazing what construction sites consider "scrap lumber" and will let you take as much as you want as long as you ask. Might want to give that a try.


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          Re: Building a skateboard 1/2 pipe

          the ones that i saw are covered with tempered masonite over plywood to give a smooth finish. seems pretty cheep to recover when it wears.

          first thought this was a plumbing question with 1/2'' pipe

          phoebe it is