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Gorilla Glue VS. the others?

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  • Gorilla Glue VS. the others?

    At one time Gorilla Glue was the only poly type glue readily available. Today we have Elmer's, Loctite, generic, and other brand labels of poly glues.

    Prices range from questionably too cheap to very expensive.

    I have tried a lesser expensive type poly glue that Lowe's offered on sale..I have returned to the original gorilla glue.

    What comments do you have regarding the "other brands" and formulas of Poly glue?

    Is the glue really all the same? and the labels different? Are there poly glues aside from Gorilla Glue that actually perform better? or are used under a specific criteria?

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    Re: Gorilla Glue VS. the others?

    They're not all the same, the price tag is pretty much the answer for the better glue.
    Gorilla Glue and TiteBond II is my preference. So I'll just stay with them, I watch the wood magazines when they do test w/the glues, as well as other things.
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      Re: Gorilla Glue VS. the others?

      Gorilla glue makes such a mess that I try to avoid it if possible.


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        Re: Gorilla Glue VS. the others?

        This may be a little off topic from what you are asking. Fine Woodworking magazine recently did a strength test of various types of glue used in woodworking and they showed that polyurethane glues are inferior to the PVA type glues like Titebond and Elmers. My own experience has been that polyurethane is harder to work with and provides no practical advantages. Titebond III is just as waterproof as Gorilla Glue if that is the issue. Consequently, I do not use polyurethane glues at all for woodworking.
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          Re: Gorilla Glue VS. the others?

          A dentist friend of mine said a customer used gorilla glue to glue his temp that fell off. The dentist almost was not able to get it off. So don't use it on your teeth! Works too good there.