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New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

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  • New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650


    New to the fourm, but have lurked for a bit.

    After consideration and in some part, what I've read here, I've decided on the TS 3650.

    Home Depot has a new policy where they no longer set up tools for display. They have pretty pictures of the tools, but you can't feel them or check them out. (grrrr).

    I asked someone there if this was a local policy, and was told, no it's all Home Depots. I started to get a little put-off by that, but then she told me that she thinks there might be one assembled.... Indeed there was and I looked at it. Pretty impressive saw, BUT....

    It was clearly put together by someone who didn't care as much about assembly as I do (will). It has some surficial rust on the table and in the miter gauge slots. I think I could get it off. It looked a bit dinged up. Probably like a new one would in my shop in a couple of years.

    So why am I telling you this? Because instead of $549, the floor model is $411. I'm betting I could even get it a little cheaper since there's no blade on the display and I might be able to argue some other points (rust, partially missing guard, etc).

    So, here's the question. Do I save the $140 and deal with headaches? Or is Rigid support such that I won't have major headaches (ie: will they ship parts if i say they were missing, etc)?

    Or do I just spend the money, spend 9 hours of my life putting it together the right way and be satisfied that it's still a good saw for the money at $549?

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

    fyi- in my neck of the woods they have the ts3650 listed for $499. maybe you can get them to take off a little more?



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      Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

      If it's under warranty and all else is there, I'd go for a nice discount. Suggest that they toss in a Ridgid or Diablo 10" saw blade in addition to the 20%.


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        Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

        I'd suggest the opposite... go for a NEW in box saw. But unless you live fairly close to the store, I'd check to make sure everything is there before you drive too far.

        I don't know how you feel, but if I'm going to spend $411 for a saw, what's another $140? Especially in consideration that you're missing the blade and perhaps some other parts; and, you've got a bunch of work in front of you to clean up the saw and fix anything that may not be right with it (missing, damaged, rusty, poorly assembled, alignment adjustments, etc.) Also (and this is a big deal I think), I don't see how you can get a full warranty and LLSA on the tool, because in all likelyhood, the box and it's UPC are long gone. Basically this is a pre-owned saw (with HD as the abuser). The "orange aprons" may well tell you otherwise, but then again, they've been known to spin more than their share of yarns.

        Hey, maybe I have a complex about such things, but I really don't like picking up a tool that someone else has neglected or abused. Money is relevent of course; but in the long run, $140 isn't that much of a difference, IMO.



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          Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

          This is a tough one. The discounted price is enough to tempt you but I would have to look it over really good. Knowing how these display models get poked and twiddled with by everyone who happens by, I wonder if it is worth the risk. How much time do you think you will need to put into removing all the rust? And will you be able to get it all out? And figure that you will have to go over everything just about to ensure it is setup correctly, from the rails to blade/trunnion alignment to the Herc-u-lift. I bet you will invest the 9 hours anyway that you estimate assembly will take you.

          If the $140 or whatever you get off is the difference between getting a TS or not, then go for the floor model but realize you will have some work to do. RIDGID should (based on what others here have reported) replace any missing parts. I suggest you go and download the manual and review the parts list to be able to really see what is missing. Print the page with the parts list and check it off against what they give you in the store. This will give you even more ammunition to knock down the price. The suggestion to get a RIDGID blade thrown in is a good one, they are in the neighborhood of $50. They are a good blade but there are better ones of course.

          I think the biggest worry as far as damage would be the rails. How many times has someone hefted the TS by the rail to 'feel' the weight of it or move it around the store? You'll never be able to straighten a bent rail, which will mean waiting for RIDGID to ship you new ones, and this will not happen as fast as you will want it to, so you will agonize over a half assembled TS for a couple weeks.

          Sorry if I make it sound too negative. The TS-3650 is a great saw in its price range. For a home shop unless you are going all out it is a good choice in my opinion. If it was Made in USA it would be better, sadly few (if any) are now-a-days though.
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            Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

            Assembling the Herc-u-Lift, aligning the splitter, fence and blade and leveling the rails and wings were the most time consuming parts when I assembled my saw. With the possible exception of the Herc-u-Lift, you can pretty much count on having to start from scratch on the other points if you buy the demo. Considering all that, going with a new saw makes better sense to me.
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              Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

              I think I'd go new as well. You don't know who assembled it, they assembled it so it could sit on the floor somewhere, not to be used by you. It's not rocket science to do it, but it's your hands hanging out up there around a spinning blade- if you buy it just for the discount I would still go through the manual step by step to be sure the assembly is correct, that the motor is installed corectly, pulleys parallel, etc.

              bring a straight edge (or use one from the store) to be sure the rails are straight and the table top/wings are flat. I've seen them display other tools on the wings of the saw- I bet that puts a little stress on them.


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                Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                At the expense of sounding pessimistic, go with the new one. From what I've seen of the display models it looks like a five year old was in charge of putting them together. Unless you're willing to strip the whole thing down and reassemble it per the manual I would go with the new one. At least for safety sake. Remember those things are usually put together by someone with a serious lack of enthusiasm for what he/she is doing. There's no telling what parts you are lacking, what bolts were half a$$ tightened, parts that weren't aligned... You might be making adjustments for months. I’m always for a good deal, but not at the expense of safety or missing parts. Sorry if this sounds negative.
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                  Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                  I'd have to agree with the others above, get a new saw. However...All the HD's here in Charleston have floor models for all the big stuff, and the aprons say that's not changing here. I wonder if it's maybe a regional policy instead.

                  If it's not a rush thing, I'd wait until another sale came around for that new saw, even 10% @ a cost of $549 will reduce the cost to $495ish. Just another humble opinion.


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                    Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                    Welcome to the forum...Go for a new saw, and it won't take you 9 hrs to assemble, I put mine together all by myself and did it in under 3 hrs in an unheated garage when it was like 20 degs out this past Jan...good luck!
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                      Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                      Go with the new..................


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                        Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                        I think your job now is to evaluate the advice everyone's given you. They've all said what I would say, so I won't repeat.

                        Welcome to the forums. I know however you decide, you'll love your new saw.
                        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                          Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                          I guess it depends on how much the price difference means to your budget. There's about a 25% swing, which is quite a bit. You'll ultimately end up with the same saw either way. New is less work, but the floor model might be worth it. Check it over well.


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                            Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                            I'd ask for more of a discount (at least 25% off the $499 price) and if they bite, get the floor model.

                            I just bought a second-hand floor model that was not put together correctly and had some rust. Got it for $200, so I was willing to put some work into it. After a good day's work, I had it dialed in and singing. Couldn't be happier with my find.

                            IMHO, the TS3650 is pretty much bullet proof and unless it's been hit by a truck, you'll have a great machine in the end as long as you're okay with putting some extra work into it. For me, any shop time is good shop time, so I was happy to putz with mine for a while.

                            If you decide to go with th new one, ask for a 10% discount. I have 6 ridgid tools (5 from HD) and have not yet paid full price. Usually I just ask the tool department head if he'll take 10% off. If he says no, I wait a week and ask someone else or go to another HD. The HD nearest me has never declined.



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                              Re: New Here, Purchasing Question TS3650

                              Well, thanks for all of the advice (some of which I just read).

                              I ended up going new. Basically I rationalized that I had no knowledge about this saw, so how could I really tell if it was missing more parts than I "thought" (good point above about using the parts manual).

                              That, plus the price was the price, even without a blade, so I just got a new one.

                              Took about 5 hours to assemble. Not completely dialed in yet, but I ran out of time.

                              I was going to post up a thread for other "assemblers" for potential hang-ups in assembly. I thought the manual was excellent in some areas and horrid in others. Particularly in lack of information, or mis-information about fasteners. I guessed a few times on which length bolts to use, and ended up having to go backwards. I made some notes and hope to post it up once I get compiled.

                              The packaging and design is well thought out and implemented, it's just that it appears that no one actually "test-drove" the manual before assembly.

                              I ripped a few boards and all I can say is WOW.
                              What a difference. I've had a hand me down 8-1/4" crapsman from my dad that I know I dropped off his truck at least twice. God knows how many times he did, too! Anyway, I'm excited to start making some dust.

                              Thanks for all the replies.