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  • Is it possible

    To purchase just the 3612 fence by its self. My Dad has an old 1957 Craftsman contractors table saw that he has had since new, but the fence is needing replacment.
    Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.

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    I would think that if you went to the parts list you could buy, if not the complete fence under one number, at least the parts, as spare/replacement parts.



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      is a word yes

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      Andy B.


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        Easiest way would be to download the manual for the 3612 and get the part numbers from that. I believe that the retrofit rip fence available as an accessory is slightly different than the one on the 3612. (I believe I saw that in a post a while back. Jake can confirm)


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          A retrofit rip fence kit is available to fit most craftsman cast-iron, belt drive saws. Your saw needs to have a 27" wide table and have 10" wide extension wings. The fence that is included with the kit is similer to the rip fence on the TS2424 and TS2412, not the TS3612.



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            With Jake's statement that this is the 2424 fence, while I'm a big Rigid fan---personally I'd pass----the fence on the 2424 was not it's best feature.

            Also, it has a limited rip width capacity. I just looked up prices on a Biesemeyer Home Shop fence, for somone---you can get the 30" for $270 and the 50" for $290---if you shop around, maybe even lower. I put the 50" on my old Craftsman and it was the best thing I ever did.

            There are a lot of Biesemeyer clones, but, unless their prices are significantly cheaper, I'd stick with the Biese'.