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Custom Moldings with router table

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  • Custom Moldings with router table

    Has anyone had any success creating eyebrow door casing using a router table? This would require setting up a jig to feed the slightly curved molding past a custom molding bit.

    I am looking to produce multiple pieces so it would be worth the time and effort of setting up a jig, so I am looking for ideas and any success stories.

    I also would like the molding to be 3 1/5" wide and the only molding bits I can find are in the upper 2" range so I can see this being a problem also.

    I look forward to your responses. Thanks

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    Re: Custom Moldings with router table

    I saw something like what you're doing online (This Old House comes to mind, but I'm not sure).

    Anyway, I'd suggest you make a jig which creates a managed "path" for the molding. If you configure the path with fixed guides and what-not, and use a feather board applying pressure against the bit, using a zero clearance router fence, you should be all set. ;-)

    I'd recommend using these as part of your jig. These are normally used on mortising machines or drill presses. They serve a similar role as a featherboard, to keep material in position but allow lateral movement along your path without applying any additional pressure (like the featherboard finger flex). Just put some t-track in your jig, or create a hole for the bolt.
    The items of interest are those little wheels, called Rotary Guides.

    If you decide you like them, they're available via:

    The only off-the-shelf molding bits I know of to easily create large profiles are the Freud Crown Molding bit set (mix and match.. pretty slick) and the MLCS large crown molding bit set (basically rip offs of the Freud set, but only one profile). But these create 5 1/2" molding....
    Here's an outline of the profiles you can create:


    Now, not knowing what type of profile you're going for, here's a flexible option: Multiform molding.

    For anything else, you're probably looking at a custom bit.
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