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Washer to make band saw Coplanar

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  • Washer to make band saw Coplanar


    First time poster. I searched for this subject in the forum but wasn't able to find anything so here goes.

    I purchased an old BS14000, and after some effort have brought it to the point where it is re-sawing like a champ and has very little vibration (passes the penny test). I do have one problem though and that is the wheels are not coplanar. I'm trying to locate the right kind of washer for the wheels, but have been unable to find it. All the washers I have found are too wide (outside diameter - inside diameter) to be used on the wheels without obstructing the bearing.

    I talked with Ridgid Tech Support, but they weren't able to help me. I also know and have been told that if the blade is tracking fine then don't worry about it, but I know that it does make a difference because of the blade angle a non-coplanar band saw creates.

    The BS14000 is about the same band saw as the BS1400 series (or Jet 14"), so if there is anyone who has been able to use a washer to make them coplanar, I would like to know where to get the right washer.


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    Re: Washer to make band saw Coplanar

    Just a thought; try McMillans or Enco ( who are suppliers of machine tools, parts and stock. Look for machined washers and you should be able to find a washer of the thickness and ID/OD to fit.

    BTW, welcome to the group!
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      Re: Washer to make band saw Coplanar

      Couldn't you just trim the OD of the washer of the correct thickness and ID? Or, open the ID of a washer with the correct OD. The OD you could trim by mounting the washer on a bolt of the correct size and then spin that in a drill motor while working the OD of the washer against some emery cloth. If trimming the ID then use a drill bit or reamer to open it up. You could shave the thickness of the washer too with some 300 grit or higher emery cloth or 600 wet/dry paper.
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        Re: Washer to make band saw Coplanar

        When I was setting up my BS1400, I just bought thin washers from HD and used whenever number I needed. I think they were called 'spacer washers' and I found them in the usual 'nuts, bolts, screws, etc' aisle. I think you just need to get the wheels as close as reasonably possible to coplanar, since you'll never get them exactly coplanar.


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          Re: Washer to make band saw Coplanar

          Thanks for the responses guys. I think I'll try HD first (will have to find a different one 'cause the one close to my house doesn't have much in hardware section). If I don't find the right size, then I might think about grinding my own.

          IronHat, I couldn't pull up the site you mention in your post.

          Thanks for the suggestions!

          Update: ironhat, I found the site (, and I think they have the correct outside diameter washers available. I will go home and confirm the measurement and once I have all the information I will post it back on this thread so others can use the information. Thanks!
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            Re: Washer to make band saw Coplanar


            I recently experimented with my 14" european style bs, I was experiencing co plannar problems. Rather than placing a washer behind the top wheel, I loosened the top wheel supporting bracket and placed a thin washer behind the top two bolts.

            The results - better tracking, in fact almost perfect!

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              Re: Washer to make band saw Coplanar

              Try Macmaster-Carr. It carries precision washers. They are sold as a set and you just have to specify I.D. Several months ago, I bought a set that cost around $10. Buying the set facilitates adjusting the thickness to fit the gap.
              Good luck and have a good day.