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  • Jointer recommendation?

    Can someone recommend a good jointer, under a $100 if possible. I will make about 30 joins a month.
    Accuracy is my priority.

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    The job of a jointer is to make boards flat and straight so they will make good joints. I considered my Ridgid 610 an extraordinary value at about $450. Recently some have been available for under $400.

    There are some smaller, tabletop jointers that are available for a lower cost, but they are only good if you need small pieces of wood - they lack the long table to hold a long board flat as it is being cut.

    Since most jointers cost $600 or more, could you have been looking for a plate joiner (biscuit cutter) or some other tool?


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      I did mean biscuit.


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        I have the Freud JS100 and it works well. It does not have a variable angle fence like the JS102 but for what I have done so far, I haven't needed the variable angle fence. The slots it cuts are accurate and it is easy to switch between the different biscuit sizes. Adjusting the fence is quite simple - it slides up and down and has a lock lever to set it at the position you want. The dust bag is very effective and it comes in a hard shell case. The JS100 should be around $100 or just over.


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          In the price range you mentioned, I doubt if you can buy better quality than the Freud.
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            I wasn't aware that freud made one for that price.
            I saw a dewalt for $170, which is way more than I want to spend. ]
            Thanks for the advice