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  • ts 3650 left over parts

    My apologies if this is an old question--I'm new to the list and couldn't figure out the right combination of search words to find the answer.

    After assembling a new TS 3650 (the posts about moving the trunnions for greater blade clearance were a big help), I had three things left in the "blister pack" 3 square head 1/4 - 20 x 3/4 screws, three matching hex flange nuts, and four 1/4" I.D. washers.

    I couldn't find any mention of those things in the instruction book. Any suggestions as to where those parts should have gone?

    Oh--I'm surprised how quickly rust seems to want to establish itself on one of the extention tables, something that has not been a problem with other tools, even though my "shop" is in a basement with fairly good dehumidification.


    Dan Raessler

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    Re: ts 3650 left over parts

    Welcome Dan
    They are for attaching a sacrificial wood board to the fence. You need to have the fence just touching the blade for doing rabbit cuts etc. For rust, remove it with WD40 and scotchbrite then coat with Johnsons paste wax or Bostik Top Coat, or Boeshield T-9.


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      Re: ts 3650 left over parts

      Welcome to the forums, Dan! WBrooks has the cure for your rust. I think those 3 bolts have driven a lot of people to this forum!!
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        Re: ts 3650 left over parts

        Thanks, Wayne.

        It is reassuring to know that those bolts weren't supposed to go into a part of the saw that is inaccessible once assembled! I haven't read the part of the manual yet that follows the assembly instructions.