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FOR SALE: Ridgid Drill Press DP1550

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  • FOR SALE: Ridgid Drill Press DP1550

    Couldn't see anything that said no "for sale" items, so here goes. Sorry if this isn't allowed.

    New in box. $240. In SF bay area. Please see link below for more details. Use email provided in link.

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    hmmm, maybe we should have a ForSale/Trade board.

    I'd be interested but I'm in Texas.


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      HD is selling the old model for about $115 new in the box if you can find one. I've seen a few. Sounds like someone is trying to scalp one.


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        Well, I guess you could call it a scalp. However, I put in about 6 hours of "time" to a) find the DP by calling several stores and b) drive 70 miles get it and bring it home.

        So, since these at $115 are now very scarce, if someone either a) can't find one or b) doesn't have the time, then this is a good deal.

        If you're not interested in the drill press, please don't make snide comments.


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          6 hours on phone. drive 70 miles bring back home?
          You do all this for about $110? I think you liar.


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            This is not the Woodnet basement and I for one will not stand for your personal attacks and fake oriental jibberish.
            I therefore have the dubious honor of being the first Ridgid Forum member to gump (ignore) you.
            "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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              Hmmm, seems like an arguement brewing! Let me add this, in all fairness that does seem like a decent price. I've seen the posts for DP1550 for $115 and that it is an "old" model. I haven't read anything about a "new" model and the DP1550 that I purchased in Dec was a new model, having just been introduced in late August or September. I haven't seen anything here on the Ridgid site that tells me there is a "newer" model. But, perhaps there is and I just don't know.

              But, while I bought mine on sale for $180 (with a lifetime warrenty), the DP1550 is now selling in upstate and the southern tier of NY for $300. And upon inquirey of a newer version, the HD folks don't seem to know about it (but I wouldn't be surprised about that either). So, is there a newer model and if so, what is new about it? Also, did it get a new model number or is it still a DP 1550?

              But even if this particular DP-1550 is the "old" model, lets face it the price is still decent and if someone could buy one for $115, then the gentleman simply is asking too much. What you expect to get from a resale may very well be fair in the seller's mind and far too much in the prospective buyer's mind. It doesn't mean either one is a liar!


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                WW -

                If you're going to quote me, do it accurately. the 6 hours was spent calling over a dozen Home Depots, PLUS driving 35 miles one way, waiting forever for the HD people to bring the DP down from the top of the rach with the lift, then having them put it back up because it was the "new" model, then finding the "old" model elsewhere in the store, then waiting for them to get teh old one down, and finally another 35 mile drive home. This was all in SF bay traffic, on one of the worst stretches in CA.

                So, there you have it. You're gumped!


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                  I don't see the problem here if you not looking to buy a drill press you don't need to say anything. If you are looking for a drill press & want to pay less ask if inovermyhead will accept less if not then look some where else, if you can come to an agreement then you both win.

                  There is no need to whine...........& if you do I will not give you any cheese to go with your whine.


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                    You do all that work for lousy 100 dollar? Are you republican?