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  • electric/prob,

    excuse me guy,s
    I,m brit as most you now . but guy,s the electrical wireing
    in the u.k. we use 240v AC . so the wire goes like this red is the live /green is the earth / and the black is nuetral, But my saw ras ridgid .the wire is like this as you guy,s know .i am assume-ing that white. is nuetral/ black is earth/ and green is live .can any one put me right on this one . as the manual i read say,s two hot wire,s it just confused me . thank,s guy,s let me know which way your wire goes it will be a great help.
    bye for now . [img]redface.gif[/img]

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    Green should be ground.


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      We have two systems over here that are tied together. Most houshold items run on 120 V and the big stuff ( Stove, water heater, big power tools run on 240V. From the street we have two blacks and one white. We call the blacks hot and the white neutral. Between the blacks we have 240v and either black to white is 120V. The green wire is called earth and is usually provided by tying a green or bare copper wire from the panel case to the cold water supply line or a steel spike driven 6 feet into the earth.
      The green wire and the white wire are the same potential ( 0 volts )
      Sounds easy except when you want to make something that is 120 into 240V. At 120V the black is hot and the white is neutral and the bare/green wire is ground, for 240 the black is hot and the white is also hot, ground is provided by the bare or green copper wire.
      Wiring would go like this...
      UK Red to American Black
      UK Black to American White
      UK Green to American Green or Bare Copper