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  • TS 2412 Vibation

    My saw has started making a bad vibration. It is about a year old and has not been used that much. I checked the blade, it appears ok. The back of the blade alignment was a little out and I corrected that, but it still is not right. If I put may square on the front of the blade and rotate it, the first half of the teeth will touch and the other half will be 1/16th out. If I move my square to the back the same thing happens. Is something wrong with my adjustments or what? I have also tried another blade or two with no change. Can anyone help?

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    I am almost sure that the vibration is coming from a set in the belt. If you do not use the saw that much the belt will develop a set due to the weight of the motor resting on the it. The best way to get rid of this set is to run the saw continuously for a few minutes. Also when you are going to be leaving the saw set for some time, unhook the belt. This will avoid set problems in the future.



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      Thank you very much, I will try this and see what happens. LWout


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        You also might want to check the leg levelers. My saw had a slight vibration also until I discovered that one of the leg levelers wasn't quite making good contact with the garage floor. It wasn't enough to make the saw rock, but just enough to through it off slightly. Adjust the levelers and then try to lift all four corners of the saw one at a time. There shouldn't be any wiggle.